US Celeb Workout Xtend Barre Launches UK Flagship


Love the idea of a barre workout but looking for something a little more dynamic? Recently exported from the US, Xtend Barre takes all the chiseling elements of a traditional barre class, think pulsing and micro movements, and give it s a tougher more energetic twist that is Pilates and dance amplified.

Designed to give you a full body work out, the 55 minute class brings in elements of dance, ballet and Pilates for an energetic and challenging workout that strengthens, lengthens and sculpts the body.


Ideal for pregnant ladies like myself, Xtend Barre works to enhance flexibility, improve balance and keep that all-important core strong, essential elements in getting you birthing fit. Whether you’re up for a challenge or in need of something a little gentler, your instructor will guide you through the class making suitable adaptations according to your needs.

Enjoying a Xtend Barre class at around 7 months pregnant,  I found the workout challenging,  working up a sweat and feeling the burn thanks to those leg trembling isometric exercises, yet gentle enough to know that non of the moves would harm my unborn child. I did however feel the full effects of my efforts the following day, so newbie’s be prepared to ache afterwards!


Proving just how much the workout has caught on, Xtend Barre UK has opened its first flagship space on London’s super trendy Marylebone High Street. As well as offering their signature workout, there are also 12 additional variations of classic Xtend Barre method including classes incorporating elements of yoga, reformer Pilates and Tabata/HIIT training. Xtend Barre also offer XTEND BARRE BABIES ON BOARD; A post-natal barre class where new mums can experience a dynamic workout along side their newborns. A class I can’t wait to try for myself when the baby number 2 makes his appearance.

For those of you looking for some pre or postnatal nutrition advice Xtend Barre London flagship has their very own in house nutrition and wellness mentor, Australian nutritionist and founder of the must read blog Nourish Everyday, Monique Cormack  . There is also a relaxation area and juice bar serving scrumptious, healthy juices and shakes to satisfy those post workout hunger pangs, plus a retail space by my fave fitness store Active Instyle offering a selection of stylish workout gear including includes exclusive Xtend Barre merchandise. .

In celebration of their new London flagship Xtend Barre is offering a special '2 weeks unlimited for £49' to new clients. Xtend Barre London, 49 Marylebone High Street, London, W1U 5HH