BRAND FOCUS: Scandi Mini


As a mum of boys (ok, one of them may be still in my tummy for another two weeks but that still counts right?) it can be easy to get disillusioned with the array of boys clothes on offer.

Other than Zara, I just don’t feel like the high street has caught up to the demand for fun, fashionable and stylish boys clothing. They either take inspiration from prince George (as gorgeous as he is, it’s a little too traditional for my taste) or from some hideous TV show ….I mean seriously, I may be a soon-to-be mum of  (2) boys but it does not mean I want to dress them like little sloans or worse chavs in Paw Patrol prints!


Thankfully every now and then I stumble across a new retailer that …aghast, stocks not only super stylish clothing for girls but for boys too.


Online retailer Scandi Mini is a UK based Scandivian shopping destination designed for parents who love something a bit different for their children.

Boutique Focus: Scandi Mini

Boutique Focus: Scandi Mini

With over 100 labels and selling everything from baby and childrens clothing to toys, interiors and even party supplies (I’m just in love with their ‘A Little Party Box Ombre Set’) Scandi Mini have something for every taste with it be, ‘Scandi’ style minimalistic or something a little more bohemian.