4 Effective Leg Exercises For The First Trimester of Pregnancy

We have teamed up with Bumps & Burpees  to create a series of pre and post-natal exercise video's to help guide you through pregnancy and beyond.

In the first video of the series,  Bumps & Burpees guide Editor’s Beauty Director, Alicia, through four different leg exercises ideal for woman in their first trimester of pregnancy.

Series 1: Frist Trimester Episode 1: Legs

Exercises: *Warm up - Alternate step ups, 1 to 2 minutes. *Squats x 10 to 15. *Alternating backward lunge x 10 to 15. *Walking lunges x 10 to 15. * Backward lunge and step up x 10 to 15.

Production by Logan Irvine-MacDougall.