How To Rock A Fringe Without The Chop


Dreaming of rocking a choppy, blunt fringe but not sure you’re ready for the commitment?

Well thanks to Tatiana Karelina and her new uber stylish ‘winge’s’ (yes that’s right, I'm talking a fringe that’s a wig), you can refresh and restyle your locks, with out having to go for the chop.

Made of 100% virgin Russian hair, theses superior quality clip in fringes remove the risk of a regrettable hairstyle (I’ve been there, I don’t recommend it) while instantly updating your look. Perfect for that big night out where you really want to make an entrance. Tailored and personalised to your own unique hair colour and style, ‘winges’ also have the befit of softening your face, disguising a high forehead and hiding those dreaded forehead lines! (Think of it as a cheaper and reusable version of Botox)

To get rock your ‘winge’ this party season head over to

Get The Look; The Choppy Blunt Fringe


Part 1:

  1. Loosely tong random strands of your own hair.

  2. Separate roughly with fingers.

  3. Lightly finish with hairspray, and give your hair a good shake.

Part 2:

  1. Part the hair at the crown of the head, making space for the top clip to be clipped on to the hair. (Usually clip in fringes will have 2 clips.)

  2. Comb your own hair over so the wefts don’t show

  3. Clip the other two clips from the fringe on both sides of your head

  4. To reduce the thickness of the fringe, you can take the longer pieces of the fringe and use grips to pin them down.