The New Skin Effect Treatment


The Product: Radiant Night Peel by Teoxane

The Claim: ‘Due to its high 15% glycolic acid concentration, Radiant Night Peel accelerates the cell renewal process, smoothes and renders skin texture more uniform while alleviating any pigmentary imperfections.’

The Reality: Now normally, I‘m the first to reach for anything with the word peel (I mean who doesn’t love that post peel glow). But I have to admit, on learning that I would be replacing my usual night cream with Teoxane’s Radiant Night Peel for the next 21 days, I was a little concerned. What if my skin doesn’t receive the hydration it needs? What if this lack of hydration results in dry, tight and God forbid, old looking skin? Realising that I’m most likely over reacting, I put my fears aside to begin my 21 days of treatment.

Beginning with freshly cleansed skin, I apply a thin uniform layer over my face, neck and décolleté before bed (avoiding the delicate eye and lip contours), and as instructed, remove all traces of the mask with a gentle cleanser on waking. Simple enough but how did my skin react?

Days one to four were a little iffy. After experiencing a minor burning sensation on application (not as dramatic as it sounds and only ever lasting a couple of seconds), I woke to some mild redness and dryness. However by day five any burning had all but ceased, and by day 14 all signs of redness had disappeared. It was also around this mark, that my skin started feeling noticeably smoother and softer. Bye, bye, dry skin!

So how did I feel at the end of the 21 days, was I desperate to get back to my much-loved night cream? Honestly, not really. The secret to Teoxane’s Radiant Night Peel is that it encourages regular skin cell turnover. Which means, by using it everyday, for 21 days, your skin is constantly being encouraged to refresh and renew it’s self, resulting in more youthful, even toned skin.

While the results may not be as dramatic as some in-clinic peels, Teoxane’s Radiant Night Peel is a brilliant, easy to use treatment, ideal for mums who don't have time for down time but still want the brightening and freshening effects of a peel.