Revive Tired Pregnancy Legs This Festive Season


Pregnancy and tired (often swollen) legs seem to be a package deal. Throw in a round of Christmas parties and your legs (and feet) start to feel reminiscent of Kim Kardashian-West's swollen pregnancy ankles stuffed in a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti’s (not a pretty picture).

Well no more! This festive season Guam have launched their new and exclusive ‘Duo Tired legs Treatment’ at Urban Retreat.

Designed to immediately alleviate puffiness and heaviness, the treatment begins with a thorough exfoliation to the legs using the Guam Dren Butter Scrub, removing dead cells and impurities, and follows with the application of Guam Algea; A specialist treatment to help drain the skin tissue. Next, Guam Seaweed Cooling Bandages are applied from foot to knee to increase micro-circulation and aid in reducing any puffy swollen areas. The treatment finishes with a relax leg massage using Guam Anti-Fatigue Gel. The perfect finale for worn out, stressed out pregnancy legs.

So if your partner is yet to spoil you this pregnancy, it's time to start dropping the hints. Alternatively, why not treat yourself. After all building a whole new little person is bloody hard work!

Costing £75 for 45 minutes, The Guam Duo Tired Legs Treatment is exclusively available in Urban Retreat  .