5 Gender-Neutral Beauty Products To Share With Your Man


With male grooming now the norm, finding enough shelf space in the bathroom cabinet has become a bit of an issue.

But a new breed of gender-neutral beauty products are shaking things up and putting an end to bathroom shelf squabbles. With super sleek, fuss free packaging, unisex formulations and fragrances that appeal equally to the male sense of smell as the female, these products are tearing up the rule book by completely disregarding the gender of it’s wearer and focusing purely on results.

In the name of harmonious relationships (and space saving), I have chosen 5 gender-neutral beauty products that you will love and he will proudly display on your new uncluttered bathroom shelf!

  1. Brow Set £14 by Mac. A well-groomed set of brows is as essential for men as it for woman. This brush on clear gel, strokes brows in to shape, adding shine and style. A real beauty must have. It is also brilliant at grooming lashes, sideburns and facial her.

  1. Clinique Smart Custom Repair Eye Treatment £38 by Clinique. This fragrance free eye treatment by Clinique, targets repairs where it is needed, when it is needed, for a visibly brightened, lifted and plumped eye contour.

  1. Black Orchid £75 by Tom Ford . Black Orchid, the original Tom Ford fragrance, has been loved by men and woman ever since it’s launch. With a bold blend of Black Orchid and Spice, and dark notes of Plum, Patchouli and Vanilla, this seductive scent is the perfect date night fragrance.

  1. Detox Serum Antioxidant +3 £39 by Grown Alchemist. Your everyday serum. Light weight and readily absorbed, this stylishly packaged, potent, serum detoxifies skin, ridding it of DNA-damaging aggressors to neutralise environmental factors such as pollution, bi-products of diet, smoking and UV exposure.

  1. Clear Improvement Detoxifying Charcoal Body Scrub £26 by Origins. With Sea Salts and Brown Sugar to slough away dead skin, Bamboo Charcoal for a super deep clean and the refreshing aroma of Clove and Wintergreen Leaves to invigorate, you’ll be fighting over who gets in the shower first.