THREADING: The Secret Procedure Thats Got The A'List Flocking


With the bridge between plastic surgery and dermatology getting smaller by the year, and the rise of social media fuelling a demand for less invasive, more natural ‘selfie’ worthy results; our obsession with all things anti-ageing is showing no signs of waning.

But with botox being old news, results from PRP (aka the Vampire Facial) variable and fillers more likely to leave you looking like an ageing blow up doll than a youthful 20 something, is time for a new treatment to take the anti-ageing crown?

One under-the-radar approach that’s getting the A-list flocking to Harley Street is Dr Gabriela’s BeautyLift with PDO Threads, or for the beauty novice out there, Threading.

Nope, I’m not talking eyebrows. I am talking inserting tiny threads into the face (or knees, or neck, or…) and carefully pulling up the skin to create a natural-looking lift with no pillow face in sight.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Not only does this sound like something out of a horror movie but aren’t face-lifts strictly reserved for those in grandma territory?

These were precisely my thoughts, prior to my visit with Dr Gabriela. After all I am still pretty young in the grand scheme of life, did I really need to have my face threaded and all for the sake of a magazine review?!

In the end though, vanity and curiosity get the better of me, and the next thing I know I’m at 56 Harley Street with numbing cream all over my face.

Of course I needn’t had been worried. For not only is Dr Gabriella ‘THE’ expert in PDO threads, training over 300 doctors, nurses and dentist in the procedure, she is also a practised cardiologist, having spent 10 years in a Hearts and Lungs transplantation Hospital. Pretty impressive stuff if you ask me, even for a Harley Street Doctor...

Anyhow, 45 minutes later with a face so numb I can hardly speak, its time to get to work. Using a fine needle and medically advanced polydioxanone threads (similar to the ones surgeons use in major surgery) Dr Gabriella gently inserts between 3-5 threads in each of my cheeks creating a supportive mesh under the skin.

The objective? To lightly lift my marionette lines (that’s nose to mouth lines to you and I) and say goodbye to the knackered ‘I’ve not slept all year’ mum look.

While I’ll admit the procedure wasn’t 100% pain free (particularly in those areas where the numbing cream had been applied a little less liberally), it was the gentle pulling sensation of Dr Gabriella tightening the threads that I found the most unnerving.

All the same, other than a slightly swollen face and a little bruising (all of which are to be expected), the results are immediate and if I may say myself, pretty God damn amazing! Alongside the visible reduction of my marionette lines (yay), I appear more refreshed and less tired than I have all year (Never under estimate the toll of a new baby on your skin).

What’s more, over the next 6-8 months as the threads gradually dissolve they’re replaced with fresh collagen, elastic and hyaluronic acid, or as industry insiders like to call them ‘the building blocks of youth’. Which basically means that all those wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin and dark circles you’ve been hating on, remain visibly reduced long after the threads have dissolved.

I am told to skip the high intensity exercise for the next couple of weeks and to sleep only on my back for the first few nights to allow the threads to settle. Dr Gabriella also asks me to book a follow-up appointment for 3 months time so she can check me over and make any necessary adjustments.

Predictably, post procedure was not quite so comfortable, with the next few days ensuing a regular 4 hours does of painkillers, while my husband was told in no uncertain terms not to make me laugh (Which he of course ignored). But by day 4 most if not all of the pain had ceased and by day 5 I was feeling more than chuffed with the results.

It’s now three months post my follow-up and the results are in. While I may look significantly more rested and refreshed in a way I haven’t since my pre-babies days, Dr Gabriella’s skills are such that not one person has asked me what I have had done. A true sign, if you ask me of good work done.

Immediate, natural looking results with minimal downtime, Dr Gabriela’s BeautyLift with PDO Threads might just be the new heir to the anti-ageing crown.

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