Stimulate Your Skin With SKN REHAB's Sixty Minute Facial


Autumn is well and truly here, which can only mean one thing. It's time to slough off the dead skin cells and prepare it for what’s to come.  

Nobody knows what’s in store with the weather, but Autumn’s a great time to give your face a deep cleanse before the onslaught of winter; So I booked in for SKN REHAB’s signature City facial which promises to resurface the skin in 5 steps.

The perfect treat for washed out skin, the City-Skn Advanced Facial, aims to combat DNA damage that is caused by pollution, with the added bonus of giving you the perfect opportunity to kick back and relax for sixty minutes with your feet up!

Skin needs constant loving, so I was eager to see how this treatment could reverse the signs of environmental damage of my somewhat under appreciated skin. After a consultation to assess my needs, a bespoke programme was designed just for me.  

I was prepared for a speedy facial, but in the masterful hands of Julia I was deeply cleansed, exfoliated and massaged within an hour, as the treatment has been developed to create the all in one package for busy city lives. 

Using a unique process beginning with diamond dermabrasion, I was expecting sparkles and something a bit gimmicky, but the science behind the wand allows the vitamins penetrate through the top layers of skin, and reach the cellular level, which is often neglected. This in turn enhances the product penetration by up to 400%, which you would never accomplish with an at home facial


Everything from the ION Detox extreme clean (which worked with a negative electrical charge to open pores in preparation for the absorption of vitamins and nutrients) to the LED light therapy mask was relaxing. Thankfully I am not claustrophobic, as the mask completely covers your face- but it’s the ideal way for the red-rays to tackle skin concerns. Red rays are known to stimulate collagen and elastin production by increasing blood circulation, blue rays are proven to kill up to 80% of blemish-producing bacteria, and the green rays calm, balance, and brighten the skin.

Feeling rather zen after the mask, I felt my skin was already glowy and perked, but the finishing touch was the Pure Zeolite Oxygen. A burst of 95% pure oxygen was the icing on the cake, and is the key to my skin soaking up the active ingredients.

Arriving at the clinic in Knightsbridge not knowing exactly what to expect, I came out feeling (and looking) like a new woman! More educated in what my skin needs, I can definitely see an improvement the brightness of my visage. I feel fresher and lighter, and my pores are thanking me. Pesky pollution be gone. The perfect pick me up for a city living mum, and my wrinkles seem a little softer too!

To find out more or to discover your nearest SKN REHAB location call 0203 727 5576 or visit SKNREHAB

Words By Sara Darling