9 Best Faux Tanners For A Natural Looking Glow


I remember a time when many of us, avoided faux tanners like the plaque, for fear (and rightly so) of looking like President Trump’s doppelganger. In stead, we would lie out slathered in factor 0 oil and bake.

But this is the 2017 and with skincare awareness at an all time high, baking ourselves in pure ignorance is no longer an option. Thankfully faux tan technology has come on leaps and bounds since it’s embarrassingly bleak debut, and these days you’d be hard pressed to find a reason not to fake it.

From gradual tanners, to instant air-brushing and certified organic tans, here are my 9 best faux tanners for a natural looking glow.

SUKIN Sunless Bronzing Gel £14.95. With caramel for instant colour, aloe vera for instant skin hydration and gentle bronzing active dihydroxyacetibe to gradually develop a radiant glow, Sukin’s environmentally conscious quick drying tanner is not only affordable but it’s 100% carbon neutral! Oh and thanks to the added addition of lime oils, we can get a natural looking tan with out any nasty scent.

ST TROPEZ Gradual Tan Plus Luminous Veil £18. Proving their still at top of the tanners, ST Tropez have done it again with their Gradual Tan Luminous Veil. Doubling up as a gradual facial tanner and a primer, it's light reflecting pearls, instantly even and brighten the complexion, whilst delivering an enviable golden glow.

TAN ORGANIC Certified Organic Self Tanning Oil £24.99. Lighter than a lotion but darker than most gradual tanners, this highly moisturising, non oily certified organic facial and body tanner gives a luxurious tan that lasts up to 6 days after application.

SENSAI Silky Bronze Self Tan Gel £79.  Expensive it may be but Sensai’s luxuriously creamy, self-tanning gel  is worth the hefty price tag.  Deeply hydrating and incredibly nourishing Silk Bronze Self Tan Gel will leave you with  super silky, enviably bronze skin, and with multiple applications per bottle its still significantly cheaper than a spray tan!

VITA LIBERATA Ten Minute Tan £29.95. For a fool proof tan that won't leave stains on sheets or clothing, it's got to be Vita Liberata's Ten Minute Tan. Simply apply, leave for ten minutes and rinse off to reveal a streak free, natural looking  tan within 4-6 hours. Featuring peptides to plump and condition skin, plus vitamin C to lock in moisture, this organic tanner is the ultimate shortcut to a sexy bronzed bod.

CLARINS Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster £27. Fast becoming a cult classic, Clarins Radian-Plus Golden Glow Booster is a genius self-tanner that is mixed with your favourite moisturising, firming or anti cellulite lotion, meaning you can still reap all the benefits while maintaining a radiant golden glow.

NIP FAB 365 Body Glow £9.95. Nip Fab, Rodial’s affordable younger sibling, have gone on to create a tanner so fab, I just might prefer it to it’s more expensive big sister. Fast drying and hydrating with a clear gel formula, 365 Body Glow Fix gives a natural streak-free golden finish in 4 hours. With white tea leaf extract and vitamin E.

RODIAL Airbrush Brazilian Tan £46. Doing exactly what it says on the bottle, Rodial’s Airbrush Brazillian tan, with it’s 360-degree spray technology creates salon results in minutes thanks to it’s fine tinted mist creating a brilliant airbrushed effect!

JAMES READ Instant Bronzing Mist £25. Dare I admit it?...Ok, to hell with it. James Read's Instant Bronzing Mist is quite possibly my favourite of the lot! A hard feat with such stiff competition, yet Read's super lightweight and highly absorbent, formula is fool proof, easily delivering even coverage on hard-to-reach areas, while soothing Aloe Vera and cell-renewing Citric Acid, work to replenish and rebalance the skin, for a healthy glow inside and out.  Quite simply superb.