BabyBjörn OUTDOOR CARRIER: Your New Exercise Buddy


Back when my son was just a tiny (screaming) bundle of joy and I couldn’t get to the gym, I would put my little man in the BabyBjörn carrier and go for a invigorating power walk along the Thames. Not only was it one of the few things that stopped him screaming (seriously it was constant!) but it was also an excellent way to ditch those lbs.

As my son grew, so did my strength and it soon became one of my favourite forms of exercise, working my core, butt and legs. We continue on our power walks for a whole year, until almost exactly on the 12-month mark, my son became just too heavy for a front carrier.

The BabyBjörn One Outdoor Carrier; Your New Exercise Buddy

The BabyBjörn One Outdoor Carrier; Your New Exercise Buddy

The frustrating thing is, is that had I been able to shift his weight else where, I am sure we would have happily continued on our walks. So when I was sent BabyBjörn’s new 'hiking' carrier, adeptly named 'One Outdoors', I was thrilled.

Designed for families who love adventure and outdoor activities, BabyBjörn’s new ergonomic 'One Outdoors' is a four-way front and back carrier that can carry you’re little one from new born all the way up to three years old (or 33 lbs/15 kg). Ideal for little ones who insist on walking but soon get tired.


Never ones to do things by halves, BabyBjörn have insured their new design is the perfect hiking baby carrier with functional materials (I’m talking light weight breathable mesh fabric that’s both waterproof and dirt-repellent!), smart features and a convenient storage bag, along with easy access to a mobile phone, a water bottle, a security blanket and a teddy. If that’s not enough there's also a built-in infant insert to insure your newborn fits perfectly, and wide adjustable straps for extra comfort when your toddler is tired or just pretending to be tired in order to grab a fun ride on yours or your partners back (you know it happens).


Available in  two colour ways, black with red accents or my personal favourite turquoise, the BabyBjörn One Outdoors Carrier is an essential for any active mum or dad.

BabyBjörn One Outdoors Carrier £169.99 at leading retailers.