Quick Fix with Trevor Sorbie

Time. Hard to find, but desperately required. Either for #selfcaresundays, a minutes respite from humdrum of life or even just to catch a break. 

I’ve spoken to countless mums, old and new, mothers of a brood of 5 and a single mum, and the consensus amongst them is the desire to have just five minutes alone. I remember a moment, quite a vivid one at that, of sitting with my sister, a mother to a disabled daughter and a young, reckless and zany boy. We went to Starbucks as a treat, and her relief to have those five minutes doing nothing other than drinking a coffee was tangible.

And then we get to the real nitty gritty. The time to invest in looking like yourself, the time to wear make up and colouring your hair, or perhaps just the littlest of glows to have you feeling human; someone other than a mum, a carer or someone with responsibilities. We have all been there, leaving our head held up high after walking out of a salon with bouncy curls, now non-existent thanks to the lack of time. 

Thankfully Trevor Sorbie have come up with just the right quick fix: a speedy colour job done in half hour and hitting the right amount of panache to allow you to walk out of the salon feeling fabulous.

The Express Brightening Colour Service, created by Trevor Sorbie International Technical Director, Nathan Walker, is an express colour job that is expertly placed to give the highest impact in hair in half the time of a standard appointment. No one colour is the same and each session is tailor-made to the client, with deft hands creating transformative results. 

Trevor Sorbie.jpg

I arrived for my cut and colour, flustered after a long day at work, and ever so close to cancelling my appointment, just so I can go home and go to sleep. But I am glad I didn’t. My appointment with Nathan and Rich (hairstylist) was brilliant, with little perks of attention centred on nothing other than what I want, how I want to look and how I can feel all that more better. 

Nathan decided the best course of action was to add highlights of copper brown to lift my hair, which is lacklustre on the best of days. Theres something about fine, curly hair - sitting limp and frizzy - that really grates me up the wrong way. But wow, was I impressed. The copper effect lifted up not only my face and skin-colouring, but followed by a whizz of a blow dry, uplifted my sense of self. Call that too philosophical, superficial or even melodramatic, but I have never so boosted in the shortest amount of time. Within one hour (as my colour was preluded by a haircut), I was transformed from a grizzly Londoner, stressed to the tilt, into a queen, grinning from ear to ear.

The Express Brightening Colour Service is available from £50. To book, contact your local salon for a consultation trevorsorbie.com/salons.