A Speedy Guide To Balancing Business + Baby

Balancing Business and a Baby

There’s no question that having a baby is a life- changing event. The new life that you’re responsible for will have a knock-on effect to all your existing responsibilities – including your business.

Mama Got This is an all-female collective for like-minded business owners; A community of ladies who support each other, empower each other, and celebrate every woman's success. Here they give you some of their top tips for balancing work and a baby.

1. Include your baby as much as you can – take

them with you! Not only will babies enjoy the new environments and stimulation, but people are very accepting these days. Plenty of traditional

9-5 businesses are finding more flexible working arrangements for new mums and dads alike.

  1. Utilise nap time! – when your baby is asleep (which happens often during the first few months!), it’s precious time where you can really get your head down and work. Schedule your work calls into this period to be really clever!

  2. Make time for just you & your child – 1:1 parent, child time is essential. When you’ve set time aside to be with your baby, be in the moment. No phones, no distractions – emails can wait.

  3. Don’t feel guilty paying for childcare – that’s what it’s there for! Childcare is an amazing resource that means you can keep your child happy and safe when you really need to be productive. Rotate days on and off if you have a more flexible schedule – this will allow you to spend more time with your baby.

  4. Outsource the things that don’t bring you joy – don’t be afraid to outsource those tasks that are time-consuming or difficult. It’ll save you lots of time to invest in other, more important things.

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‘Mama Got This’ Founders Fran & Abi

‘Mama Got This’ Founders Fran & Abi

Mama Got This is more than just your everyday networking club. It's a girl group – a new kind of tribe for the 21st century, a community of ladies who support each other, empower each other, and celebrate every woman's success.

Founded by Fran and Abi, two ladies who know all about the pressures and rewards of being self-employed working mums, Mama Got This organises a number of monthly meetups and bi-monthly women-only events, plus a private member's community, and an accountability programme. Simply put – it’s not your average "cliquey" networking clubs. It’s a group for support, collaboration, empowerment and celebration!

For further information or to become a member head to mamagotthis.co.uk