11 Hair Products That Prove Natural Is Best


If you’ve been suffering from dry brittle hair and a flaky scalp, it could be time to go natural.

Don’t’ worry I’m not talking about ditching your shampoo all together (although the #NoPoo movement is getting stronger everyday), I’m simply talking about making a more conscious choice about the type of hair care you use, and the chemicals that go in it, subsequently resolving any hair issues you may have.

Let me explain. The harsh chemicals in regular shampoo’s work by stripping your hair of it’s natural oils which is turn reduces the size of hair follicles, irritating and disrupting oil glands resulting in a dry itchy scalp, brittle hair and in extreme cases, hair loss.

If that’s not enough to put you off, these synthetic and potentially carcinogenic chemicals can not only wreak havoc on our hair but our bodies too.  Absorbed through the skins pores, these dangerous ingredients can disrupt and damage our system, potentially putting ourselves at risk of disease and cancer.  Chemicals worth looking out for include:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (otherwise known as skin irritators, gene mutators and hormone disrupters!)

  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate

  • Mureth Sulfate

  • Siloxanes

  • Derivative of Lauryl Alcohol

  • Propylene Glycol (aka Antifreeze!)

  • Olefin Sulfonate (or Deodorized Kerosene)

On the other hand, natural shampoos contain natural plant and herb extracts, which have proven benefits for your hair and scalp while being safe for your body, and because they contain natural ingredients they are non-allergenic making them ideal for anyone suffering from skin sensitivities or allergies. They are also environmentally friendly containing biodegradable materials rather than harsh chemicals, so you can feel happy in the knowledge that you’re helping the planet as well as yourself!

If you’re ready to bring life back in to your hair by making the natural choice but not sure where to start, never fear, here are my top 11 products that prove natural is best.

1. DAVINES The Circle Chronicles £8 each @ Liberty LondonDavines have set the bar high yet again with this set of 5 ‘must have’ customizable hair masks designed to suit all your mane moods.  Ideal for travelling or the gym, theses single use hair masks are formulated with a high percentage of natural origin ingredients such as clay, charcoal and vegetable oils, and created using 100% renewable energy. They are also Silicone-free, without parabens and contain no artificial colour, while the stylish packaging is completely CO2 neutral.


2. LEONOR GREYL Shampooing Crème Moelle De Bambou £29

Made with 100% natural ingredient including Bamboo marrow extract to nourish and detangle, and plant extracts rich in essential vitamins and trace extracts to strengthen hair fiber, this nutritious works to transform dry, thick or frizzy hair.

3. DR HAUSCHKA Strengthening Hair Treatment £25 @ LoveLula Massage this intensive care oil into the scalp, to stimulate circulation and calm itchy, flaky conditions while encouraging hair growth for locks that are soft to touch and shining with health.

4. GREEN PEOPLE Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo £13Naturally free from all nasties this natural shampoo deep cleanses your hair and nourishing the scalp for hair that is awakened and shinning.

5. MAULI RITUALS Grow Strong Hair Oil  £32

Inspired by India, hand-blended in England using traditional Ayurvedic methods, Mauli’s Grow Strong Hair Oil protects, maintains and help strengthen scalp and roots, resulting in the thick, lustrous hair.


6. REN Oat and Bay Conditioner £16

Free from sulfate detergents and containing 100% natural fragrance this gentle shampoo features mild cleansers from  Bay Oil and Lemon Oil will  stimulate hair, while the oats work to nourish and sooth.

7. EVOLVE BEAUTY Superfood Shine Natural Shampoo £12

Formulated with natural cleansers derived from sugar and coconut to gently cleanse scalp and hair without stripping natural oils, this Superfood shampoo uses Baobab proteins to boost shine, strengthen, protect and reduce frizz while boosting softness and smoothness.

8. EVO Main Attention £25.20

Sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free, , Evo products are known for giving professional results while respecting the environment and this protein reconstructer is no different, repairing and strengthening to encouraging healthy shiny hair. Where possible, evo uses natural ingredients and will continue to reformulate and substitute synthetics with naturals when an equivalent is available.

9. RAHUA Classic Shampoo £32

Made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, this indulgent oil shampoo loved by the likes of Gwyneth Paltow and Jennifer Lopez will transform dry brittle hair in to luscious locks any celeb would be proud of.

10. SISTER & CO Raw Coconut Drink £27With it’s potent blend of cold-pressed plant oils and pure essentials oils, Raw Coconut Drink restores and replenished dry damaged or coloured hair from within leaving it soft, manageable and shining.

11. SUSANNE KAUFMANN Shower/Shampoo £41

A multi-action time savor, this gentle and moistrising product can be used as a shampoo, condition and shower gel. And with all things Susanne Kaufmann it smells pretty great too.

Are you going to make the switch? Have your say below.