VIRTUE: The Natural Energy Drink


There was a time, not too long ago, when a can of sugar free Red Bull was my go to pick-me-up of choice. Consumed pre-work out for an instant energy boost or mixed with vodka to dance the night away, I was (I shamefully admit) a red bull girl through and through!

Thankfully I had a wake up call (literally, in the form of a screaming bundle of joy) and realised it was about time I start treating ‘my body like temple’, so unless a healthier option came to pass, the energy drinks #ChemicalAdditiveLadenMineFields would have to go.

Until now. Virtue Energy Water is a naturally calorie free, sugar free and sweetener free, fruit flavoured water, designed to give you an energy boost the natural way. Available in two delicate flavours; Berries and Lemon & Lime, Virtues energy comes from all natural sources including yerba maté, guarana and ginseng, with each can containing the same amount of natural caffeine as a cup of coffee. Meaning us mums can get our much needed energy boost calorie free, preservative free and most importantly guilt free.

Whats more for every can sold, Virtue donate 500L of clean drinking water to those in need with drop4drop. Take that Red Bull!

Virtue Energy Water rap £1.35 is on