BOTOX + The Rise Of The Tweakment


Think cosmetic tweakments are all about duck lips and frozen foreheads? Think again. It’s 2018 and the ‘done look’ is officially over, replaced instead with a look that is younger, fresher and whole heartedly more ‘naturel’ in appearance.  

Big news amongst beauty editors and those in the know, you have probably already seen it on your Insta feed or even on your friends without even realising; you know that mum friend who always remains incredibly fresh faced looking despite being run ravaged by her three kids. It’s probably a tweakement!

‘Baby Botox’ as the experts are a calling it, has been specifically developed to counter the ‘frozen look’ (a look that once ‘de rigueur’, has been the driving force behind Botox’s recent backlash).  Involving tiny doses of Botox injected in to the typical areas such as the forehead, eyes and lips, patients are able to see visible reduction in lines while still retaining that all essential movement and expression. And where as Botox patients typically leave 3 to 4 months between top-ups with ‘Baby Botox’ the patient is able to leave longer gaps between treatments, meaning it is also one of the more affordable options.

But with more of us than ever are queuing up for Botox, is there anything we should know before booking our next appointment?  We spoke to Dr Sepi at Medicetics London to clear up some Botox myths.

‘People often misunderstand the concept of Botox’ explains Dr Sepi ‘when clients ask for natural Botox, they usually expect complete smoothness but with decent mobility. It’s essentially impossible to achieve a totally smooth forehead, without reducing movement considerably. Clients should expect their deeper lines to be reduced and softened but not eradicated. You should still expect to be able to move your muscles to a degree to convey the appropriate emotion’.  

And while many of us might be expecting instantaneous results Dr Sepi says this isn’t the case. ‘Another common mistake is that many people think Botox works immediately, getting upset when they don’t see an immediate result. Clients must be informed that it takes 2 weeks for the treatment to kick in and a following 2 more weeks for optimum visible results regarding the lines.’

If we don’t want to go for the needle are there any other treatments giving Botox a run for its money?

According to Dr Sepi, not yet. ‘Unfortunately nothing can be as effective as Botox, but treatments such as microneedling, skin peels, radiofrequency and other lasers can help soften/delay the appearances of lines, however they cannot prevent them or eradicate them, unlike Botox. ‘

So if your looking for a little extra helping but want to keep your friends guessing, we’ve rounded up 3 of the best London clinics for natural looking Botox. 


Dr Sepi

Dr Sepi

Famed for their ‘natural’ looking approach to cosmetic procedures Dr Sepideh, known as Dr Sepi does not disappoint. Young, friendly and fresh faced, she is a prime example of just how good a light approach can look.

Following regulatory photos and muscle assessment, Dr Sepi administers just 3 small injections to my forehead, ‘as we want to allow for a natural amount of movement’. When I ask if I need any botox around the eyes, she refuses insisting ‘a few lines when we smile are beautiful’.  

If you’re wanting that fresh faced look with out anyone clocking on to what you’ve had done, Dr Sepi is the one to see. 

Consultation from £150, Botox from £270 020 7402 2033


Dr Anne Mendelovici

Dr Anne Mendelovici

Based at the famed Dr Sebagh clinic on Wimpole Street, Dr Anne has been a beauty editor’s secret for years.

A mother of two grown up children, she works the needle gently and effectively to smooth, lift and add facial symmetry, while highlighting your best features as a result. As with all the clinics featured, Dr Anne offers a complimentary second appointment two weeks after the initial appointment where she can asses the results and make any adjustments or top ups.   

Consultation free. Botox from £500. 020 7637 0548


Nurse Libbie Walace

Nurse Libbie Walace

Winner of the Professional Beauty Awards 2018, EF Medispa has become a firm favourite for Londoner’s in the know.  

Boasting four London clinics, their reputation for producing natural looking results is second to none but it’s Nurse Libbie Walace, who works between their Kings Road and Kensington clinics who’s you’re botox gal.

Botox for one areas starts at £250