Reboot with Susanne Kaufmann's Pollution Skin Defence System


If your budget can’t quite stretch to a two-week stay at Hotel Post Bezau, (Susanne Kaufmann’s luxurious spa retreat nestled in the Austrian Alps), we’ve got the next best thing…Pollution Skin Defence System. 

A unique 15-day plant based program, Pollution Skin Defence System is Kaufmann’s latest attempt at brining a little piece of Post Bezau to us city dwellers.  Designed to help protect against pollution, UV rays and blue light emitted from our computers, all serious modern-day skin health concerns, this powerful treatment helps to protect the skin against environmental damage, whilst also boosting its own repair mechanisms and returning moisture to the skin.


Taking inspirations from beauty history, specifically the Estee Lauder ampoules Kaufmann’s own mother use to use, this new system consists of three perfectly matched sets of vials each containing powerful concentrations of Vitamin C (brilliant at boosting collagen levels and counteracting the attack of free radicals), Ectoin (a natural substance proven to prevent UVA induced premature photoaging) and Q10 (a provider of essential energy needed to repair damage and keep skin cells healthy).  Used together as a 15-day regimen, these ampoules form a comprehensive multilayered protection that shields the skin from free radicals and negative environmental influences to preserve youthfulness, radiance and an even complexion.


Kicking off with the first 5 ampoules of Vitamin C, I ditched my usual nighttime skincare for the Pollution Skin Defence System’s 15-day program, using one ampoule each night on freshly cleansed skin (Kaufmann insists that the regimen be done at night since this is when the skin repairs it’s self).  Easy to open, you simply apply pressure on a white dot on the neck of the ampoule and the glass top snaps of in a clean line (just don’t attempt to brake it else where or you could end up cutting yourself like I did on my first attempt).  Over the next 5 days I continued to apply an ampoule of Vitamin C serum before moving on to the Ectoin for another 5 days and finally completing the program with a round of Q10.


Did I notice any difference? After 15 days on the program my skin certainly was glowing but whether it’s been detoxed from the effects of London pollution who really knows? What I will say is that after meeting Susanne Kaufmann in person and seeing her own radiant complexion, it's obvious she knows a thing or two about skincare!  

Pollution Skin Defence System is €265 and available at