Could Your Yoga Mat Be Ruining Your Flow?


With the majority of mats on the market being made from PVC or other toxic materials, our daily yoga practise could actually be harming our health rather than improving it. Sparking a global movement within the health and fitness industry to make sustainable thinking the standard, not the exception, is British fitness brand Form.

Creating stunning, high-performance fitness products that do good for the environment, this carbon-negative fitness brand has stepped out of the box (or should we say rectangle) to produce the worlds first round yoga mat.


Crating a large open space, the Form Round Mat allows you to take your workout in any direction. Perfect if you are feeling a little creative with your workout. 

Recent research has also revealed that circles can help increase focus and evoke feelings of completeness, which can not only be helpful in exercise such as yoga but during meditation (something we are big advocates of at Editor’s Beauty). While it’s unique grid (a feature on both their round and rectangular mats) aids in precision, to improve alignment and help you achieve consistency during your workouts. 

If that’s not enough all form mats are silicone, toxic glue and phthalate-free, using a recycled natural tree rubber for the base, and recycled plastic bottles for that all essential grippy, non slip top, Meaning they are not only good for the earth, they are good for us too, sowe can finally get our flow on in peace!

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