The Copper Ultra Revive Facial


Tucked away behind a discreet black door, in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia lays Pfeffer Sal, a cutting-edge new clinic steadily making a name for itself, partly in thanks to it’s exclusive Copper Ultra Revive facial. 

An ideal treatment for knackered mums in need of a youthful collagen boost, Pfeffer Sal’s advanced anti-aging facial harnesses the power of copper, alongside optimum grade matrixyl and hyaluronic to plump, firm and refresh your face with out the need for botox or fillers.


Lauded by experts for its anti-ageing, anti-bacterial, collagen and elastin-boosting properties, its no surprise that copper has been hailed as beauty’s newest ‘wonder’ ingredient.

So what’s exactly involved in the Copper Ultra Revive Facial? Starting with a pampering double cleanse, skin is exfoliated with a pomegranate enzyme steam to lift away dead skin. To take full advantage of its ‘wonder’ properties and insure full absorption, the Copper Ultra Facial uses one of my all-time favourite techniques, micro-needling. Acting as a booster to assist in the delivery of the ingredients used in the facial, it works to gently stimulate the skin and establishing a pathway for the potent cocktail of copper peptides, matrixyl and hyaluronic, to encourage collagen production and skin regeneration.


Worried about the pain? Don't be.  Numbing cream is applied before the microneedling to ensure you remain pain free and comfortable at all times. For those ladies like myself who are pregnant or  are just not suitable candidate for microneedling, Pfeffer Sal tailor every treatment to the specific skin needs of the client, so although you may not be able to take advantage of the needles you can still reap the benefits of copper!

With minimal downtime (expect nothing more than temporary redness and some minor flaking)  the Copper Ultra Revive is the perfect treatment for time deprived mums looking for a youth enhancing treatment that gives results.

The Copper Ultra Revive treatment costs from £235 for 1hour 15. For more information on or make a booking visit