Could This Be Your Answer To Glowing Skin?


Every year like clock work, as the winter comes to a close and the distant calling of warm weather comes ever closer, I get the urge to not only spring clean my home but spring clean my skin! 

Now normally, this process involves searching out the latest skin rejuvenation treatments and putting them to the test (I know, I know, it’s a tough life). But this year I’m pregnant, which means I am not covered under insurance to have anything stronger than your standard facial (insert weeping emoji here).

So when I was asked to review Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation with Aesthetic Practitioner and celeb fave Natali Kelly, I did what every kind and loving daughter would do and offered the treatment to my mother. True to form, my mother, showing exactly where I get my vanity from, didn’t need asking twice and practically ran to the clinic before I’d even explained what Mesotherapy was (ok, not literally but you get the picture).

To explain what I didn’t get the chance to fully explain to my mamma, Mesotherapy is a cocktail of skin boosting vitamins and active substances to hydrate, nourish and reverse the signs of premature ageing. An ideal treatment for dull, dry, sagging, or sun damaged skin around the face, neck and décolletage, the procedure involves a series of painless microinjections. These painless injections stimulate fibroblasts deep within the dermis to increase collagen and elastin. Further more, by adding a cocktail of vitamins and growth factors to the skin, hyaluronic acid deep within the mesoderm is replenished, attracting and retaining moisture for a hydrated and youthful look.

Natalie Kelly

Natalie Kelly

My mother and I met Natali, a qualified Registered Nurse and Operating Department Practitioner with over 8 years of experience in non-surgical facial aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology at her base in Omniya, Knightsbridge (and one of my favourite places for all things aesthetic). Exceptionally friendly and clearly an expert in her field she quickly put my mother at ease, talking her through the procedure and chatting all things beauty while applying a layer of numbing cream before starting the procedure (not a necessity but nice for extra comfort) . In fact, you could almost say Natali did so well at distracting her, that my mother didn’t even notice when the procedure had started.

Taking a swift 10 minutes, my mothers results were immediately noticeable with a visible improvement in wrinkles and skin texture. Over the next few days I continued to keep tabs, noting new glow to her skin and further improvement to her wrinkles and skin texture. Pretty impressive stuff.

Editor’s Beauty Director, Alicia took her mother to test out the effects of Mesotherapy.

Editor’s Beauty Director, Alicia took her mother to test out the effects of Mesotherapy.

Natali Kelly and her Mesotherapy Rejuvenation Treatment made one very happy customer out of my mother but the real question is, after seeing my mother’s results would I go for the treatment myself?

Without hesitation yes. Mesotherapy does exactly what it claims to do, creating a more hydrated youthful look with minimal invasion. What I would say though, is if you’re looking for long lasting results, one treatment will not go the distance and I suggest the recommended series of 2 - 4 treatments every two to four weeks, so you can really gain the benefits of it’s accumulative effect. If however you’re looking to be red carpet ready (for say that big awards night at work, a special trip or even your wedding day) then a one off Mesotherapy treatment will blow your facial out of the water.