Hair Loss, It Isn’t Just A Male Issue


It’s commonly believed that hair loss is an exclusively male issue but with over 6 million British woman suffering from some form of hair loss (maybe more if all my mummy friends are anything to go by) the truth is far from it. Yet crazily, despite these figures the subject of female hair lass remains largely taboo. 

My first brush with hair loss happened just over 3 years ago while pregnant with my son. Whether it was down to immense stress, pregnancy hormones or both, I’m not sure but either way I developed a nasty bout of psoriasis on my scalp, causing scabs to from over my hair follicles and make it fall out. Having never suffered from hair loss before I was suddenly left with bald patches that only subsided once the psoriasis had cleared up and the hair had sufficient time to grown back.

The second time was post pregnancy, around the time I stopped breastfeeding my son. Now it’s common knowledge that this sudden drop in hormones causes hair loss in postpartum woman. However with me, along side hair loss, this massive drop in hormones also caused another outbreak of psoriasis further heightening an already distressing experience. Thankfuly, I was fortunate enough to have this hair loss restricted to easily hide-able areas  unlike some of my not so lucky mum friends.

My third and most recent experience of hair loss was around 5 months ago, where I believe the combination of stress, an early miscarriage and subsequent pregnancy just a few weeks later, caused the worst outbreak of psoriasis I have ever had. Unlike my two previous experiences, this time my psoriasis and hair loss wasn’t restricted to a few easily coverable areas and instead consisted of weeping scabs all over my scalp, along my hairline and across my parting. When it finally cleared up (thanks to a pregnancy friendly does of steroids), I was left with shocking bald patches which still haven't fully cleared months later.

One of the most distressing thing with hair loss is that there is no quick fix. Once it’s happened all we can do is wait for it to grow back, which depending on how lucky you are can take anything from a few weeks to a few months, or  even more. Now I'm afraid, I haven't discovered any miracle solution to make your hair grow back over night but I can suggest a few products that might help you on your return to luscious locks.

  1. Follicle Stimulating Shampoo £14 by LA Science. A ‘cult’ product amoungst woman looking to add volume and increase hair thickness, this clinically proven solution uses ‘growth-factor’ peptide properties to stimulate the hair follicles. It also maintains the condition of the scalp by creating the best environment for anti- loss by strengthening the hair follicle and increasing the blood supply to the treated area. Not bad for £14!

  2. Thickening Conditioner £20.50 by Bumble and Bumble. Help fake a thicker mane with this featherweight moisturiser and detangler with ultra-light silk fibers that separates strands to make fine hair look and feel fuller.

  3. Ultimate Restore Treatment £40 by StriVectin Hair. Already a best seller in the US this recently launched densifying foaming treatment for scalp and thinning hair rebuilds strength and resilience to encourage natural anchoring of hair and minimize loss of strands. Scientifically proven, 68.8% reported less hair loss due to breakage, 8.5% reported an increase in hair fiber diameter and 84% agree hair feels and looks thicker after just one use.

  4. Advanced Split End Thereapy £19.95 by ghd. It’s not all about the scalp, hair breakage happens at all levels. Ghd’s Scientifically formulated advanced split end therapy utilises a propriety Thermo-Marine Bonding System™, that fills and binds broken hair fibres together, instantly repairing split ends. While it’s Super Nutrient Complex prevents future breakage by surrounding each strain with a protective coating.

Photography by Logan Irvine-MacDougall.

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