Live True Clapham


In an archway, just along from Clapham High Street station, the Live True Clapham salon is a full service, friendly and cutting edge hairdressers.

One of 4 hair salons across London, Live True have rapidly established themselves as the ‘go to’ place for those seeking a truly collaborative and creative salon experience, thanks to their range of top hair stylists and colour experts who are as active worlds of fashion and media, as they in the salon.


All about ‘leaving the salon feeling more true to your self’, Live True are happy to offer everything from simple trim to vibrant ombre, polished up-do or transformative hair extensions.

Which is why one can only assume that on my visit to the salon, the almost hour long delay was down to my stylist’s pure dedication and perfectionism towards his work, not letting his previous client leave until her hair Instagram ready. 

So when I was finally able to take my place in the salon chair, feeling almost as aggravated with the delay as I did with the current state of my hair, I decided to give caution to the wind and let just my stylist ‘do his thing’ and show me what he’s made of.


Three hours and one Instagram session later (Live True are all about their social media, so don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly whisked off to a ring light for an impromptu photo shoot), I leave the salon with 5 inches of my locks, a newly coloured ashy blonde and tousled waves, other wise known as the ‘Holly Willoughby’.

Not quite sure what to think and in slight shock following the chop (yes I know, I did give the stylist free rein to do what he wanted!) it took me a little while to adjust to the new look. Thankfully my nerves were soon calmed by the significantly more positive reaction of friends and family, with ‘I love it!’ being the go to compliment of choice.

Whether you’re looking to push your creative boundaries or after a simple a refresh, Live True Clapham live up to their reputation as a cutting edge yet friendly salon. Just maybe make it more of a collaborative experience than I did, if you want to avoid any post ‘do’ jitters.

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