Is the HydraFacial Worth the Hype?

HydraFacial - Therapie Clinic.png

The HydraFacial is arguably one of the most fashionable skincare crazes of the moment.

Popular with models, actresses and over worked beauty editors like myself it promises pain free glowing skin with no downtime.

So when Therapie Clinic White City, conveniently located within the mecca that is Westfield, kindly invited me to try out the fashionable and very hyped HydraFacial, I couldn’t say no.

Involving a 3 step process, the facial promises to give you the best skin of your life, almost instantly reducing wrinkles and fine lines to leave you looking more youthful and refreshed! Naturally, I couldn’t wait to get started.

‘Ideal for sensitive skin, the HydraFacial is the perfect facial to clear out your skin before a big event’
— Jessica Weir, Editor's Beauty

The first step involves a deep and rejuvenating cleanse followed by exfoliation which gently removes dead skin cells to reveal a layer of fresh new skin underneath. Step two is ‘Extract and Hydrate’, in which a tiny vacuum-like piece of technology clears out the pores. This was a very delicate process with no pain at all and caused zero redness or irritation to my skin. Once the debris has been removed the skin is infused with an intensive moisturising serum to plump and hydrate. Finally step three is ‘Fuse and Protect’, where the skin is saturated with anti-oxidants and peptides to maximise your glow.

My facialist Daria, even showed me what she had managed to extra from my pores, although quite revolting I was morbidly intrigued but surprisingly satisfied to see the slightly cloudy water that she’d removed during the second phase…. Yuck!

Feeling like pure indulgence, it’ s no wonder the facial is so popular with celebrities. I left the clinic with visibly radiant and noticeably brighter skin

Ideal for sensitive skin, the HydraFacial is the perfect facial to clear out your skin before a big event as it causes no damage, redness or irritation. The pore clearing technology is incredibly soft on the skin, yet very effective. Combined with the densely hydrating serum it truly does lift your skin and helps to stimulate collagen production. I was really happy with the results and would highly recommend this for anyone looking to refresh their skin in a pain-free relaxing manner. Furthermore, your facialist can customise the treatment to suit your needs so don’t forget to ask about what other lotions and potions they can include for best skin of your life!

Treatments start from £120. To book your HydraFacial visit