Why Prebiotic Skincare Is Worth The Hype

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No longer a new concept the benefits of prebiotics on our gut have been widely touted, but more and more evidence is suggesting it could be just as beneficial for our skin.

 Before we go on, let us first explain how prebiotics and probiotics work, because like all the worlds greatest duo’s; avocado on toast, mac n’cheese, Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, Kim and Kanye (ok the last two are debatable) one doesn’t work as well with out the other.

 Probiotics are tiny living microorganisms like bacteria and yeast, while prebiotics are a type of fiber, which although indigestible by the human body are enthusiastically gobbled up by these teeny microorganisms. Acting as a food source, prebiotics essentially help the good bacteria  (aka probiotics) to flourish.

Producing more significant results than probiotic skincare, prebiotic skincare or ‘skin food’ as it’s being coined, not only creates a healthier environment for the good bacteria to grow in but it enhances its ability to protect the skin against environmental threats, redness and dryness.

Proven particularly effective on irritation-prone skin, reducing skin sensitivity and creating better smoothness, prebioiotic skincare can be beneficial to all skin types. The equivalent of  ‘carb loading’ for the skin (prebiotics are made up of carbohydrate building blocks after all), applying prebiotics to the skin creates vital energy stores for when your good bacteria levels have been depleted (often by factors such as pollution, excess hygiene, extreme temperature changes and antibiotics).

While still relatively new to the market, prebiotic skincare is one beauty trend that’s set to keep growing. Here are some of our favourite products to help give your ‘good’ bacteria a boost.

With it’s unique blend of plant derived molecules, this multi-benefit facial mist containing a symbiotic blend of probiotic and prebiotics supports the skin’s natural defences and replenishes moisture, for skin that appears smoother, supple and noticeably revived.

ELIXSERI Opening Act Serum £76 @ Selfridges


Opening Act Serum £76 @ Selfridges

Elixseri’s potent exfoliating overnight treatment effectively sloughs of dead skin cells and removes product build-up to leave skin fresher and smoother thanks to it’s potent blend of AHAs derived from a prebiotic of papaya and regenine, a fermented blend of plant and fruit extracts. Just be sure to apply it sparingly, a little goes a long way.

This light weight moisturiser, with mineral SPF 15 protects the skin from the sun’s damaging rays, while a prebiotic from algae combined with a probiotic and patented alguronic acid enhance hydration and balance skin’s surface bacteria.

A two-in-one formula that works to refresh, restore and brighten skin, Gallinée's La Culture Face Mask and Scrub blends Kaolin Clay, Sea Minerals and antioxidant Vitamin E with the brand's patented Biotic Complex of Prebiotics, Probiotics and Lactic Acid, to draws out impurities, whilst respecting the skin's natural pH.

Rich in anti-oxidant rich oils, vitamin rich Superfoods and protective prebiotic, this nourishing day cream by Elemis rebalances the skins naturally eco system to leave the complexion looking healthy and revitalised.

ORVEDA The Prebiotic Emulsion £280


Orveda’s Prebiotic Emulsion has been specifically designed to preserve skin moisture and help prevent natural moisture loss, restoring and soothing dehydrated and sensitive.  Combine with their reusable silicone mask for the ultimate skin treat.

Ok we’re not ones to mix up the categories but Gallinée new Prebiotic Hair and Scalp Care Mask is worth a shout out. Fortified with rejuvenating Mafura Oil and the brand's Pre and Postbiotic Complex , this creamy treatment cares rebalances your scalp's microbiome, which plays a crucial role in the regulation of sebum, preventing itchiness and dandruff while fermented Rice Water promotes healthy, shiny hair from root to tip.