The Cynic’s Guide to Crystal Healing


2019 is here and, for some the New Year can be the perfect way to restart the system and create tangible and meaningful goals to give them direction for the year ahead. But if recent trends on social media are anything to go by, this year is all about embracing the intrinsic and uniqueness that make you, well…you. 

And you know what? Thats absolutelyt fantastic and all good and dandy, embracing you, whoever you are, wherever you are, is effing brilliant. But… hang on….

What about the those times, those life occasions and mental health issues that will hinder your ability of being ‘at one’ with yourself, and, put simply, become the hindrance that obscures the very chances of you embracing yourself in all your guises.

What do you do then? When you feel like you’re neither here, nor there, but have ideas of where you want to go but no bridge to take you there. When your self esteem is so low, you have no idea how you would cross said bridge, let alone build one to get you to the other side of your goal. 

Well, I have one simple suggestion: throw away all rule books, forget those memes that confuse the heck out of you and do what is best for you. Yes you. Listen, the truth of the matter is that there’s no harm in being selfish, or saying no to invitations, or drinking that third coffee to help you get through the day. 

To go one step further, doing what is best for you also includes having no clue what the best actually is. This is true self care: the kindness that you would give to someone else and replace it with kindness to yourself and allowing yourself space to have no clue whatsoever. 

Why do I say this? Well as it happens I came at a major crossroads in my life. After a bout of ill heath, job redundancies and toxic work relationships, I knew it was time for me to start afresh and really become my true self. I was convinced this was my time and i just had to make the most of it. 

But it was just not happening for me. No matter where i turned, the struggle to actually get to there was unsurmountable. I just could not do it. I knew there was something inside of me that was creating this barrier that was stopping me from achieving my goals; a big black deep and impenetrable lump of darkness at my very core. Sounds deep, but true.

As luck would have it (and fate, as it happens) an unlikely email dropped into my inbox from Kim Alexis: ‘Spiritual Beauty Therapies’. Curiosity peaked, I clicked. 

Kim Alexis ‘ Spiritual Healer’

Kim Alexis ‘ Spiritual Healer’

"Kim Alexis, has launched a new website to modernize the use of spiritual therapies.  With 20 years experience as a psychic spiritual medium, clinical hypnotherapist, crystal healer and past life regressionist I have had the pleasure in discovering valuable skills to assist my clients present life circumstances.”

Hang on… yes,  crystal are de jour right now, everyone has something to say about this stone helping this, recharging during a full moon, yada yada. and while i’ve dappled in buying a few crystals, I was cynical at best. 

But what is crystal healing? “[It is a] vibrational or ‘energy medicine’ which are powerful tools used by a qualified therapist to help balance the vital life force and bring about optimum health. The underlying ideology is that a health body require a free flow of energy, and any impendement is considered to be a cause of disease.“ Wowzer! If one was ever cynical about fate, there only need to take this example as truth. Where I, confused and disoriented, receive an email from someone who can assist that very thing. 

One appointment booked, and off I go to meet Kim in Belsize Park. 

How do I put this? The meeting was life changing. I settled into a room and Kim and I spoke openly and honestly about my current life circumstances. Kim starts the sessions with a guided meditation. I was asked the envision going inside my consciousness (minds eye), telling her what I could see. Strangely, I could only really visualise a garden through my left eye. When trying to look to the right side, I was confronted by that core block, obscuring my vision. All within in 15 minutes? Okay…we are onto something here. 

While frightening, Kim continually reassured me, and I was asked to visualise breaking into the block. What did i see? What did it feel like? What did it smell like in there? I really had to tap into my intuitive responses, and I was frightened. That block made me uncomfortable, and even just typing this out causes a very emotional response. Slowly I was brought back to the now and Kim told me to lie down on her therapists bench for the crystal therapy.

Once again I was asked to close my eyes and imagine myself in a particular setting. I found myself in a garden and Kim asked me to walk around. At the same time Kim was placing crystals alongside my core chakras to help break down the block and realign the flows. And you know what happened? I started to cry. I was walking through the garden in my minds eye, and in real time i was crying. What is going on here?!

Who knows how long I was crying, how long that session lasted, how long it took for me to breakdown. But at the end of that session, as I walked out, I felt relief. Not uplifted, but something had definitely changed inside me. Two months on I was offered a job the was beyond my wildest dreams, work with people who support me, achieved what I wanted and got to a point where I felt comfortable. 

Was it due to the treatment or just something that was going to happen by itself anyway? Who knows, but there’s on thing for sure: the cynic inside me has changed her tune and all I can tell you is that after that session, that block was gone and I actually had a real chance to embrace and become who I was, able to achieve what I wanted and face 2019 with conviction that I can do this. And as an disabled, minority ethnic woman, that is incredibly powerful. 

I’ve already recommended Kim to my friends, and now I recommend her to you. To find out more and to book a session, please visit Kim is holding a Sardinia psychic & wellbeing retreat in June.

Words by Sofia Khan