KERASTRAIGHT: Every Mum's Hair Hero

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Fact. Having kids can wreck havoc on your hair. Oh yes It starts out lovely, all glossy and bouncing with health thanks to that influx of pregnancy hormones but then the baby pops out and your hair comes with it. 

As if that wasn’t enough, following months of strategically hiding a bald patch, when our hair does finally decide to make it’s reappearance, it’s simply not the same. The luscious locks from our pre-kid past have vanished, replaced instead by a spanking new halo of frizz. 

But it seems the hair Gods have finally heard our cries, creating a revolutionary in-salon treatment which promises stunning frizz free tresses for up to four months at a time. 

Don’t worry we’re not about to plug the Brazilian Blow Dry with it’s cancer forming formaldehydes.  We’re talking about the 3rd generation KeraStraight technology, packed with a new advanced blend of proteins to deliver extra hydration, strength and a high intensity shine with none of the nasty side effects. 

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Harnesses proteins including keratin, as well as amino acids, KeraStraight disrupts the hair's natural curl pattern, smoothing, reinforcing and straightening in the process to deliver next level repair and hydration. 

To find out if the treatment is really worth the buzz, I stopped by Covent Garden’s Trevor Sorbie Salon to test the treatment for myself.

A simple yet laborious treatment, we begin with a wash and condition before the stylist sets about coating every inch of my tresses in the keratin-packed treatment and painstakingly blow-drying the formula in to my hair.  Once bone dry, I am whisked back to the basin for a further rinse and another session with the dryer, before my hair is straightened with the KeraStraight Irons infused with their magic Tourmaline technology to further seal in all that keratin goodness. Having done her thing, told to I am free to leave and wash my hair again in the morning to reveal my hair in all its glory.


As I leave the salon with ludicrously flat hair, I have my doubts.  Reminded of a teenage version of myself let loose with my first pair of straighteners, I am desperate to wash the limpness out of my tresses, yet when I finally do I am pleasantly surprised. I may need to work a little harder to get the volume back in my uber fine hair but the halo of frizz is no more, in its place a smooth silkiness not previously seen since my pre-kid days!

Suitable for every hair type, from the weakest, most damaged hair to very curly and resistant KeraStraight is available at salons nation wide form £150.