Is Tech Ageing Our Skin?


It’s no secret that our obsession with tech is having a detrimental effect on everything from our sleep patterns to eye site and concentration spans but did you know that this insatiable love of screen time is also making us look older?

As if ‘text necks’ and dropping jowls weren’t enough to contend with (both results of constantly looking downwards at our gadgets), scientists are now raging on about the significant effects of High Energy Visible Light aka ‘Blue Light’ on our skin.

Emitted by mobile devices, computers, TV’s, fluorescent lighting and LED’s, some beauty experts are even claiming that blue light could be as ageing as sun damage. 

Yup that’s right, those hours spent perfecting that perfect selfie may have increased your followers but they’ve also increased your wrinkles! 

Skincare expert and facialist Lisa Franklin explains “Mobile phones and other e-devices emit Electromagnetic Radiation, and in the last decade these levels have increased dramatically with the growth of the tech industry.  We spend more time now than ever in front of mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. and are only now starting to see its negative effect on skin health.  High Energy Blue Light from screens accelerates the oxidation process, compromises the skin barrier function and increases inflammation”. 

Still not keen on limiting that screen time? Prehaps this might. Recent research has shown that exposure to these blue light waves can break single or double-strands of DNA, with repeated exposure worsened the damage and although our DNA can sometimes repair itself, the exposure is such that repair process simply cannot keep up with the negative effects. Scary or what!

So what can we do about it? Apart from quitting all electronic devices (a somewhat impossible task in this tech dependant society), experts suggest applying a light-weight broad spectrum five star UVA sunscreen everyday, along side an anti-pollution moisturiser or serum to protect against outdoor pollution. At night you’ll want to go for a serum with some serious anti-ageing properties to neutralise oxidative stress and combat any damage received during the day while protecting against structural changes. Another good tip is to avoid using your phone in sunlight. We know it makes for a better selfie but the reflection of light bouncing off the screen is far more damaging than the sun reflecting off you. And finally put down that phone and enjoy some screen free time with the family!

Need a helping hand? Check out some of our blue screen skincare faves. 

Part of her award winning range, Lisa Franklin Pro Effect Pollution Defence Cream is proven to protect and prevent skin damage after Electromagnetic Radiation and Blue Light exposure by neutralising oxidative stress and protecting against structural changes, reducing biological skin disorders resulting from the impact of digital premature ageing.

One of the most comprehensive protective serums available, this concentrated Serum is the skin’s first line of defence when it comes to oxidative damage thanks to its unique SynerG 8.0 formula containing 8 powerful antioxidants. 

A nourishing oil containing a potent proprietary blend of extracts to help protect against environmental aggressors and aid in skin wellness for a smoother, plumper and more radiant complexion.

HEAVEN BY DEBRAH MITCHELL Overnight Success Prism Oxygen Cream £91heaven-skincare-_0006s_0041_overnight-sucess-cream-prism_2_2.jpg


With it’s high vitamin B5 content, Overnight Success Prism Oxygen Cream wworks overnight to release oxygen to detoxify skin and replenish. 

ORGANIC PHARMACY Stabilised Vitamin C £45


Stabilised Vitamin C £45

A high potency, non-irritating stabilised Vitamin C serum that targets dullness, uneven skin tone and signs of ageing. 

This tinted formula, which adapts to both light and dark skin, is not only an impressive factor 50 but a UVA, UVB and infrared protector.

DR SEBAGH Supreme Day Cream £145


Containing a fractionated melanin compound formulated to shield the skin from High Blue/Violet visible light, Supreme Day cream will not only protect the skin but leave it feeling nourished and visibly hydrated.

NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 2:1 £38 @ Cult Beauty0x1960-2kknl.jpg


The next generation of NIOD’s multi-award-winning Copper Amino Isolate Serum, this must have multi-tasker adapts to your skin, figuring out its imbalances and helping cells to communicate and encourage it into a heightened state of repair. 



A beauty editor’s must have, this potent broad-spectrum antioxidant helps to protect the skin from both UV and light damage. 

PAYOT PARIS Blue Techni Liss Jour £43.10


Designed specifically to protect our skin from blue light, Payot’s chrono-biological melt-in cream will help fight daily aggressions all day long. 

BEA SKIN CARE Mater Antioxidant Serum £51


Bea’s detoxifying duo of glutathione - an antioxidant - and vitamin C works to remove day-to-day impurities and form a barrier of protection against environmental toxins. With co-enzyme q10 this vegan serum refreshes and brighten the skin, while encouraging natural skin cell turnover.

Offering a new level of skin protection, Murad’s revolutionary, ultra light 100% mineral broad spectrum PA ++++ with SPF and Environmental Protection Technology, shields skin from Blur Light, Pollution, Infrared Radiation, UVA and UVB.