Is It Time To Resurrect Your Brows?


Back when I was a schoolgirl in the late 90’s and barely there eyebrows were all the rage, I felt rather pleased with my squint or you may miss them brows.

Unlike my bushy browed friends who spent every lunch brake in the loo’s with pair of tweezers in hand, mine scarcely required a second thought (or a second tweeze for that matter)….then it all changed. Brows became a thing, the bigger, the bushier, the better and suddenly my blonde brows just couldn’t compete.

For years I resigned to the fact that unless I wanted to look like toddler let loose with a crayon (or a member of Geordie Shore) I would just have to make do with my barely there brows. As time went on I gradually introduced a little brow powder or pencil for extra definition but it never look quite right. Brows, I resigned, where just never going to be my thing.

So when I got the chance to try out the Brow Resurrection at Browhaus' latest establishment in Chelsea, there was no way I was going to say no.

Promising to deliver natural looking brows from root to tip, Resurrection is Browhaus’ signature advanced semi-permanent eyebrow treatment. Using the finest multi-pins and premium vegetable dyes (which are 100% safe on the skin) to craft intricate life-like brow strands, it boasts a patented technique that involved 5 years of dedicated research and development for some of the most realistic looking brows on the scene.

Of course hygiene is of utmost importance, so Browhaus have made it policy that all tools used in the treatment are for single use only, individually sealed, sterilized and disposed of for hygiene purposes. Which means there is no need to worry about catching any nasty diseases or infection. Phew, that’s one worry out of the way.

The other? Pain. To ensure your utmost comfort, a numbing cream is applied to the area prior to treatment and left for 20 minutes to take effect, giving me the perfect excuse to sneak in a little power nap (hey, I have two little ones, I got to take it where I can). And while I can’t say the treatment, even with the numbing cream, is 100% pain free (some areas of the eyebrow are more sensitive then others) it is no more painful than a session with the tweezers. In fact, I would say perhaps the most terrifying moment of the entire treatment is at the start when your eyebrows are drawn on with a black marker! (Don’t worry this is just to ensure you are happy with the shape of the brow)

Post procedure there may be slight swelling and tenderness of the treated area, while the colour of your eyebrows will be a darker than your chosen shade but again don’t panic, it will fade over 6 to 10 days resulting in your desired colour.

So how did my brows fare? Three months down the line and following my final tune up (all customers are required to come back a month later for touch ups) I yet again have eyebrows I can feel smug about!

Brow Resurrection starts from £450. For further information or to book your Free Brow Resurrection consultation visit