In To The Wood With BabyBjörn


Other than the helping hands of my mother,  two baby essentials I just can’t live without are my BabyBjörn Carrier One Outdoors and my BabyBjörn Bouncer.

While the first has made being out and about a whole lot easier (seriously, have you ever tried pushing a baby in the buggy with a toddler on a scooter?!), the other provides essential hours of entertainment (giving me time to answer emails, exercise and even write this post!). So when BabyBjörn made a returned to their roots with the ever so stylish Woods Collection, I just had to give it a shout out.

A limited collection (sadly you can only get your mitts on these beauts until Feb 2017), BabyBjörn have taken their ever popular classics, the Baby Carrier One and the Bouncer Balance Soft, and produced them in six new, fashionable colours each inspired by the stunning forests of Sweden.


Available in Blackberry Red, Pine Green and Birchwood Beige, BabyBjörn’s ergonic Baby Carrier One is suitable for baba’s aged 0 to 3 years (letting us enjoy baby wearing longer) thanks to it's super sturdy waist belt, padded shoulder straps, and front to back carrying options .


Whereas the super snug Bouncer Balance Soft, comes in a beautiful Soft Plum Red, classic Fog Blue (as modelled by my own little baba) and a serene Forest Green. The only baby item to have ever been approved by our terrifying (yet effective) sleep nanny Brenda, this baby taming bouncer requires no batteries or controllers and instead relies on your own baby’s movements to make it bounce, developing both their motor skills and balance.


And because they know little ones so well, all the materials in The Woods Collection are free from hazardous and allergenic substances, making them are kind to children’s skin and completely safe for little teethers!

The Woods Collection is available in all good retailers until February 2017.