A Post Bank Holiday Pick Me Up


Over did it this bank holiday weekend, in need of a healthy pick me up? Don’t worry the lovely people at Crazy Jack Organic have got in touch and provided me with a super scrumptious, super healthy recipe for raw chocolate and coconut energy balls.

Ideal for fending off that post afternoon slump, keeping those pregnancy cravings at bay or as a healthy treat for your little ones, this recipe is so simple even I couldn't mess it up.

All you need is a few nutritious ingredients (see list below), a food processor, a tray, a working fridge and a spare 10 minutes, and you're set to go!


1 cup of Crazy Jack Soft Dates

1tbsp of Chia Seeds

½ cup of Crazy Jack Desiccated Coconut

1/3 cup of cocoa powder (I like Green & Blacks organic cocoa powder)

1tbsp coconut oil

1/3 cup of Crazy Jack Ground or Whole Almonds

1/3 cup of Goji Berries


  1. Put dates in food processor and pulse until well mixed.

  2. Add remaining ingredient, turn food processor on until smooth.

  3. Spoon out mixture and roll in balls.

  4. Coat each ball in the remaining coconut.

  5. Place on balls on tray (or whatever you have to hand) and refrigerate for thirty minutes.

  6. Take out for fridge, sit it down and enjoy!