Eat Clean and Lean On The Go

If you’re anything like us, hunting out a clean, lean healthy lunch ‘to go’ in central London can take the better half of your lunch hour.

We’ll walk to Pret, check the lables, put it back, head to Itsu read the labels put it back, go to Starbucks decide there is nothing there either and more often than not head back to the first joint and go through the whole process again. Feeling frustrated and annoyed, I’ll then decided to push through the hunger and wait until I get home.

But it seems the Gods of clean eating have heard my cries, teaming Bodysim (the fitness guru's behind the best selling diet book Clean and Lean and  Lara Stones killer bod) and fashion emporium Fenwick to create a clean and lean eatery more often seen in LA than central London.

Situated on the ground floor of a newly redesigned space in the famed department store, 'Clean and Lean To Go' is a grab and go café with nutritional benefits at it’s core. Offering a range of organic coffees, wellness teas, lean granola bowls, healthy lunches, yummy protein balls and fresh shakes made with my favourite Clean and Lean Supplements, there's now no excuses not to eat clean and lean on the go!

…pst, ‘Clean and Lean To Go’ is just phase 1 of this fab collaboration between Bodyism and Fenwick. Expect a full Bodyism concession packed full of the brands exclusive fitness wear, books, equipment and supplements to launch in store later this year and exclusive Clean and Lean Yoga classes in the New Year.