COCOONABABY: The Key To A Peaceful Newborn?


Like most newborns, when my darling son came in to this world he did little more than eat, sleep and cry. Eating and crying were pretty much constants, sleep not so much.

Part of me puts it down to him being so tiny and still wanting to be back in the womb, the other half just to him being a tricky baby but whatever the reason my son did not want to sleep. He refused to sleep in his crib, he refused to sleep in the car and the pram? Well I could forget that too. 

During those blissful moments when did he fall asleep (always on me and normally mid feed), the tranquil silence would come to an abrupt end as soon as I attempted to move him. I can laugh about it now as we are out the other side and my little boy, who was once that tiny ball of rage, is a joyful two-year-old full of constant smiles and laughter. But with baby number two on the way, those memories along with the fear that the same thing could happen again is becoming ever so real.

In preparation for the worst, I have been asking everyone and anyone for their tops tips on getting tricky newborns to sleep, and the one bit of kit that seems to be unamously reccomended is the Cocoonababy Nest.


Widely used in maternity wards and at home by babies in France, the Cocoonababy Nest is an ergonomic cocoon for use by your baby whenever he or she needs to sleep. Comfortably positioned in a natural, semi-foetal position, so your baby has the same sense of well-being as when in the womb, it should help increase contentment and reduce crying. Not only that, but the Cocoonababy also reduces the involuntary jerky movements which wake your baby with a start and make them cry (startle of Moro reflex), helps flat head syndrom and helps to reduce gastric reflux.

Keen to find out if the Cocoonababy really does it claims (and since my little one doesn't arrive until July),  I asked fashion stylist and life long friend Aradia Crockett to try it out on her gorgeous new born Delphine. Here’s what she had to say “The cocoon a baby was a total life saver, one of the best purchases you can make. It cocooned the baby like in the womb, so she felt secure and she slept far better in it than her cot alone. It has a great case for travel and it went everywhere with us. A must buy!”


Cocoonababy Nest is suitable for babies from 2.8kgs and until the child starts trying to roll over or change position in the nest (around 3 - 4 months old). For use in a cot or crib with sides at least 20cms higher than the top of the Cocoonababy.