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Yoga Girl London's Guide To Pre + Postnatal Yoga

Finding the motivation to work out can be a challenge at the best of times, add in a pregnancy and couple of kids, and it can feel like you’re asking us to solve Brexit.

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5 Top Motivational Tips For Exercising In Pregnancy

Keeping up the motivation to exercise on a regular basis isn’t easy at the best of times, throw in pregnancy and all that comes with it; I’m talking an ever increasing belly, never ending tiredness, aches, pains and the desire to demolish entire packs of biscuits in one sitting, and it can seem like a task of Everest proportions.

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COCOONABABY: The Key To A Peaceful Newborn?

Like most newborns, when my darling son came in to this world he did little more than eat, sleep and cry. Eating and crying were pretty much constants, sleep not so much. Part of me puts it down to him being so tiny and still wanting to be back in the womb, the other half just to him being a tricky baby but whatever the reason my son did not want to sleep. He refused to sleep in his crib, he refused to sleep in the car and the pram? Well I could forget that too. 

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