Is Microneedling The Secret To Youthful Dewy Skin?

Regent's Park Aesthetics

As a lover of all beauty products and topical anti-ageing treatments it may come as a surprise that I had never ventured into an aesthetician’s clinic.  However, at 36 years old I want to take more serious action to hold back the years. 

I’d heard about Microneedling but knew very little about it so when I arrived at Regent’s Park Aesthetics on Wimpole Street I had plenty of questions for Dr Maryam.

Dr Maryam warmly welcomed me to the clinic and made me feel instantly at ease.  She talked me through the Microneedling process and answered all my curious questions as I was feeling quite nervous about the whole procedure, having never done anything this extreme to my face.

After analysing my skin Dr Maryam gently rubbed a numbing cream over my face which we let work its magic for a few minutes.  I must admit I was quite anxious at the thought of 12 microneedles piercing my skin between 1.5 and 2.5 millimetres deep across my face.  However, I needn’t have been too afraid because the pain turned out to be short and temporary.

Before and after results of Microneedling on acne scars, at Regent’s Park Aesthetics

Before and after results of Microneedling on acne scars, at Regent’s Park Aesthetics

The way Microneedling works is by causing trauma to the skin allowing it to regenerate and stimulate the production of collagen.  Effectively it is like a very intense exfoliation ridding you of the top layer of skin.  In turn, it will rid you of wrinkles, lines, acne scarring, and reduce the size of your pores, leaving you with firmer, smoother, more toned and youthful looking skin.  This is exactly what I was after!

Immediately after the treatment my face was very red, unsurprising really as we had been drawing blood via 12 stabbing needles.  Dr Maryam assured me that the redness would disappear over time and she gave me some medical moisturiser to use daily after the treatment and some medical foundation to wear to cover up the redness if I wanted to. 

To be honest, my face remained quite red and inflamed for the next couple of days and when I went back to work after the treatment I did feel my colleagues staring at me.  By day 3 my skin began to peel, not the best look when you’ve arranged to go on a third date with somebody!  However, all of this was perfectly normal and to be expected as Dr Mayram had explained to me. 

As my skin began to peel away I could feel the new skin underneath.  This was what I was waiting for!  My skin felt so incredibly smooth, it was still a little red by day 5 but with gentle cleansing my new skin was beginning to appear.  The engrained lines on my forehead seemed to have reduced dramatically and my skin felt bouncier and brighter.  I’ll admit it was scary and more painful than I expected initially and I didn’t know I was going to be so red for so long.  However,  a few weeks later and my skin still looks smoother and brighter and it’s definitely something I will consider doing again.  Just not when I have any important dates coming up!

So all in all, Microneedling is the perfect treatment to minimize the signs of aging and can help to reveal younger, dewy skin underderneath. 


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