OHNE: Fighting For Healthy Periods World Wide


Did you know there are stricter regulations on the labelling of hamster food than there are on tampons?

While the majority of us are wising up to what goes into our food or beauty products, chances are those of us who use mainstream tampons have absolutely no idea what kind of stomach-churning cocktail of toxins and nasty chemicals (think plastic, bleach, dioxin...) we’re putting in our vaginas.

 Which is why OHNE, the bespoke, organic tampon subscription service is on a mission for transparency in the menstrual health industry.

OHNE box.jpg

Providing non t-toxic menstrual products made of 100% organic cotton, certified by both the Soil Association and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and using 100% biodegradable cardboard applicators (so your great-great-grandchildren don’t have to swim in a pit of other people’s plastic tampon applicators), OHNE believe that taking care of your self means taking care of the planet too.  

‘We believe the fight against period poverty is everyone’s problem and we have a responsibility to make periods safer, less stigmatised, and more manageable for all menstruators - not just those in the UK.’

If that’s not enough, for every box of OHNE tampons you buy, you're helping to build brand new toilet blocks in rural Zambian schools and provide schoolgirls with menstrual education - including giving them the skills to make their own reusable pads from local resources.  

And because OHNE has been created by woman and for woman, they know that one size really doesn't fit all. Light or heavy, regular or irregular, applicator babe or naked (non-app) babe, they've got your back (and your vagina). Delivering your custom box in time for your period, every period. 

A boxes of 24 tampons cost £5.80 (naked tampons) or £6.80 (applicator tampons) and because OHNE always has your back, both the shipping costs and that pesky tampon tax are on them. ohne.co