Rita Hazan's Secrets to Maintaining Beautiful Coloured Hair

Rita Hazan's Secrets to Maintaining Beautiful Coloured Hair

If you don’t know of Rita Hazan, we can guarantee you know her work.

Famed for transforming the tresses of everyone from Katy Perry to Jennifer Lopez and Queen B herself (yup even Beyonce can’t get enough of her skills), Rita has rapidly developed a reputation as a daring style re-inventor and ‘The Ultimate in Hair Colour Authority’!

Keen to learn from the best (well if she’s good enough for Beyonce), we sat down with Rita to pick her brains, while gaining some tip tops, on how to handle all the issue that come with maintaining beautifully coloured hair.

You’ve become the ‘go to gal’ for anyone looking to switch things up. Any advice on choosing the right hair colour for your skin tone and to lift your complexion?

Rita Hazan, stylist to Beyonce

Rita Hazan, stylist to Beyonce

Ashy colours tend to be drab and mat so choose a colour that is more buttery/ sun kissed or similarly opt for chocolate, caramel tones.

The Sun-kissed and shimmering shade, is perfect for those that don’t want to commit to going fully platinum. A bright blonde base loaded with baby highlights near the crown and framing the face will give the illusion of having been sunning on the beach in St. Tropez without ever leaving the office.

Sometimes, it’s nicer to go a sultry shade darker rather than lighter. Chocolate brown is the perfect rich shade, add lowlights for just a hint of dimension. This colour makes an excellent complement to bronzed skin.

It’s no secret that colouring can leave our once silky hair, dry and frizzy. How can we preventing texture change from hair colouring?

Anytime you use permanent colour on virgin hair your texture changes. The only colour that won’t change your texture is semi/demi colour. Now, with that being said, over processing your hair will extremely change your texture for the worse. I would definitely stay away from over bleaching, platinum, fantasy colours and over highlighting.

To Keep your texture from getting dry and frizzy, try to colour no more than every three months ( or four weeks to cover, if you have grays.)

What are your top tips to maintaining long lasting hair colour?

An at home gloss will help maintain hair colour and shine! Also, the healthier your hair longer  your colour will stay.  The colour will take, but nor hold in damaged hair, and fade quickly because it is not as strong.

 If your hair is damaged you can help your hair last longer. Go for a shade darker, and  then do conditioning treatments at least two times a week, and this will keep the hair colour longer.”

Keeping your hair in tip top shape on holiday.

Triple Threat is my favourite product in the world! It really helps repair split ends and protects from heat styling to keep your hair healthy.

If you’re going to be going on holiday somewhere sunny, you need to protect your hair just like you would your skin, the sun will oxidize and make your colour fade even faster. Use an SPF hair spray like my Lock + Block to protect your hair and scalp and a weekly treatment like my weekly remedy to keep your hair smooth, sleek, and damage free. While this is especially necessary during the hot sunny days, it’s also important to keep with during the rest of year, too.

Your are famously Beyonce’s stylist. If we want to follow her lead what should we say to our colourist to get that specific Beyonce Blonde?

I would say ask for ‘honey’ or ‘baby blonde’

Keen to put Rita’s advice in to action? Here are some of our favourite products from her cult hair care range.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch-Up Stick Dark Blonde

Rita Hazan

Root Concealer Touch-Up Stick

Rita’s Root Concealer Touch-Up sticks, available in blonde to dark brown/black and every shade in between, are a must have for anyone wanting to stretch out a few extra weeks in between appointments.

Rita Hazan's Secrets to Maintaining Beautiful Coloured Hair


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Rita Hazan's Secrets to Maintaining Beautiful Coloured Hair


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