CLINIQUE FIT: The Gym Bunny Secret You Need To Know About


Fed up with your mascara running faster than you can? Sick of sweat streaked foundations? And don’t get us started on post workout redness!

Responding to the cries of gym bunnies far and wide, scientists at Clinque have developed a game changing new range designed to fit seamlessly into our busy on-the-go lifestyles.

‘Active beauty for an active lifestyle’, ClinqueFit is a carefully curated line of athletic-inspired, high-performance skincare and makeup created especially for endurance.

From sweat proof foundation complete with SPF 40 (essential for those out door workouts), to Post Work Out Neutralising Face Powder (bye bye red face) and skincare to keep you cool, these high performance products will ensure you stay looking as good as you feel.

Whether you’re a hot yoga enthusiast, addicted to spin or a sucker for HIIT, I've got one word. ClinqueFit.