VITACLEAN: It's Time To Rethink The Way We Shower


Few of us would doubt the therapeutic benefits of a great shower, from helping us face the day ahead, to washing away the day’s worries.

But the harsh water found in many areas, can mean our therapeutic showers, have some not so therapeutic qualities. Often leaving our hair and skin feeling dull, dry and lifeless. A problem only exaggerated by the frequency to which we shower. Sick of the effects, harsh water was having on their skin, friends Sara Dougals and Kristina Velkova came up with a ingenious idea to transform the way we shower.

Vitaclean HQ’s Vitamin C filtered showerhead is a revolutionary showerhead that literally removes impurities from the water while you shower.  Meaning we no longer need to worry about our much loved showers, drying out our hair and skin.


And that’s not all.  Focusing on our skin being our largest organ, Sarah and Kristina decided to take their shower heads to the next, adding vitamins and essential oils to the filters to create an almost spa like experenience in your own home. Brilliant right?!

Available with two different kinds of filter heads,

  • AROMATHERAPY - known for it's healing qualities, aiding to improve both mental and physical health.

  • VITAMIN C - essential in collagen maintenance and production, skin elasticity, the immune system and contribute to healing dry and rugged skin.

Vitaclean HQ shower heads generate 3-6 times higher water pressure than standard a shower head to create a spa-like mist, while deeply moisturise and soften the skin on your body thanks to it's added essential oils.


For those of you worried about it's impact on the environment, don't be. Vitaclean HQ Filtered Shower Head helps reduce water consumption by 25% and residual chlorine by 98% each time you shower.

Soft skin, shiny hair and a clean conscious, i'm convinced... If only I had know about this before I installed my brand new shower head!

Prices start from £59.99 for showered with citrus filter, and £9.99 per vitamin C Filter.