SALON FOCUS: Hiro Miyoshi

Salon Focus: Hero Miyoshi

Salon Focus: Hero Miyoshi

On first appearances the Hiro Miyoshi salon does everything right. Centrally located in London’s Mayfair, it’s sleek minimal interior and stylish, friendly staff are exactly what you would expect from a top London salon with an international, celebrity and Royal clientele.

The love child of renowned stylist Hiro Miyoshi, the salon is heavily influenced by Hiro’s Japanese heritage, offering a range of unusual natural hair treatments and products used by generations of Japanese to keep their hair thick and beautiful. While Hiro himself insists on only using the highest quality Japanese tools, crediting his cultural heritage for him achieve perfection in all areas of his work. Which is why I can only assume that I must have popped by the Hiro Miyoshi salon on an off day.


I had booked in to the Hiro Miyoshi salon with their senior director, aka ‘the blonds’ best friend’, for a full head of high-lights followed by a cut, wash and blow dry and despite having to wait over 30 minute passed my appointment time, my experience was generally an enjoyable one.

The receptionist pretty and friendly, my stylist totally lovely and his assistant was, well, a very helpful assistant. In fact, other than the lateness, I really had no complaints and left the salon feeling happy with my ash blonde highlights and choppy cut. That was until I got home, tied my hair up and noticed, to my shock horror, a line dark around a centre meter thick along my hairline. A line where the stylist had obviously neglected to put highlights, not my best look.

To be fair, the Hiro Miyoshi salon was more than accommodating and when I gave them a call to tell them about the mishap, immediately booked me in to fix the situation. The following week, after another session with the foils, I left the salon with a bouncy blow dry, confident in the knowledge I was stripe free.

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