BLOOMON: The Flower Subscription Service With A Difference


Looking for something live and fragrant to brighten up this grey January? Look no further than Bloomon.

Founded by three Dutch rebels (their own words) on a quest to turn the flower industry on it’s head, Bloomon is the go to subscription service for unique and creative arrangements delivered straight to your door.

Ensuring each Bloomon bouquet is different from the last, every flower picked is chosen in tune with seasons and directly from the growers (so you know your flowers will last the duration!), before being crafted in to delicate combinations and wonderfully wild clashes, and wrapped in recycled wrapping paper. For those who wish for something a little more permant for their arangment Bloomon offer a range of uber cool vases in small, medium or large.

Prices start from £20.95 with weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery option available via

For further tips on making the most out of your flora, I asked Stuart Fenwick, Bloomon’s Uk Flower Stylist for his Top Flower Arranging and Care Tips. 

Stuart Fenwick, Bloomon’s Uk Flower Stylist

Stuart Fenwick, Bloomon’s Uk Flower Stylist

Care Tips

  1. Change the water every three days, clean out your vase with bleach and put a drop of bleach in the water (it will kill any bacteria)

  2. When changing the water cut the stems on an angle using a clean and sharp knife. Cut woody stems vertically up the stem too so more water goes to the head

  3. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, away from radiators and heat

  4. Keep the flowers away from fruit bowl as fruit gives off ethylene gas, which will make the flowers, deteriorate faster

  5. Use shallow water to stop deterioration of soft stems

  6. Make sure no foliage or leaves are dipped in water, as this will cause the flowers to go bad quicker

  7. Always take flowers out of their packaging straight away, cut the stems and place them in fresh water



  • Have a look at a florist’s website to get an idea and decide if their style would suit what you are looking for

  • Make sure you buy seasonal flowers, as you will get more value for money and better quality

  • Blossom is great value for money as it will last and is widely available. Make sure to recut the stem after the flowers of the blossom have died and the blossom will bloom again

  • Don't buy tulips and daffodils/narcissus separately and put them in the same vase as other flowers as the daffodils will kill them. If you have ordered a prearranged bouquet with these already mixed, they have been conditioned together so this does not apply

  • Be aware that out of season flowers will be more expensive

Freshness / longevity

  • Flowers should last at least 6/7 days if you take good care of them. As Bloomon has cut out the middleman our flowers will last at least 10 – 14 days

  • Ask your florist where they source their flowers from. Direct from growers will ensure top quality and freshness (such as Bloomon)

  • The longest lasting flowers are carnations, Chrysanths, tropical flowers such as helliconia/ginger/orchids, Sweet William, wax flower