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As a time-deprived, pregnant mother of one who has suffered through too many sleepless nights to count, I have no time for half-hearted skincare. I want visible clinical proven results, not unfulfilled promises.

I mean kids are great and all, but once you have them, it’s time for a skincare regime that will pack a serious punch to those newly rooted fine lines and wrinkles (seriously, it’s like they come out of no where …and don’t even get me started on the eye bags). So if I make the decision to spend my hard earned cash and precious time on a skincare regime, I want a skincare brand I can trust to bring it! The brainchild of expert Dr. Marko Lens, a leading plastic surgeon and internationally renowned authority in the field of skin ageing and skin cancer, Zelens is at the cutting edge of high-performance, anti-ageing skin care. Combining breakthrough active biotechnology ingredients with a unique blend of plant-derived molecules, Dr.Marko Lens uses his deep knowledge of formulation chemistry to ensure the exact balance and synergistic action of ingredients is established to trigger the cellular processes responsible for regeneration and repair. If that’s not enough, all Zelens Skincare products are subjected to extensive independent clinical testing at international research institutes to prove both safety and efficacy.

In my undying mission to unlock the secrets to eternally youthful skin, I sat down with the man himself to chat skincare secrets, the future of skincare and preventing skin-conditions in C-Section babies.

Hi Dr.Marko Len’s, Thanks so much for sitting down with me. Before we start can you tell my readers a bit about your background?

I'm a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon and I decided to become a surgeon because I was always fascinated by wound healing and reconstruction after major trauma.


You have recently launched a brand new range of Treatment Drops; Power C containing a high potency concentrate of 20% Vitamin C, Power A containing a high potency Vitamin A (Retinol) and Power D a high potency Vitamin D drop. I am familiar with both Vitamin C and Vitamin A in skincare, however the use of Vitamin D in skincare is very new to me. Could you explain why Vitamin D is so essential in skincare?

Vitamin D has several important functions in the skin. It is involved in differentiation and regulation of growth of keratinocytes (epidermal cells), enhances expression of proteins involved in barrier function, and demonstrates protective effect against microbial attack, environmental aggressors and stressed conditions.

So basically Vitamin D helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier, build skin resilience and protect against daily aggressors to leave skin re-plumped, supple, protected and healthy-looking. I have to say, I have been using mine for a couple of months now and am so far loving the results! Are there any other ingredients that we should be looking for in our skincare?

Vitamin C is a great molecule since it acts as a strong antioxidant but at the same time significantly boosts collagen production which should result in firmer skin and less wrinkles. Vitamin C also brightens skin complexion.  I am also a big fan of high-tech peptides; they demonstrate strong anti-aging properties.

Great tips thanks! At the other end of the spectrum, are there any ingredients we should be avoiding?

Mineral oils - they clog the pores and obstruct the delivery of active ingredients.

What is your take on natural and organic skincare? Can organic and natural skincare products be as effective as non-organic products or is our money better spent elsewhere?

I never take the position on skincare in terms of nature versus high tech. I only believe in results. Objective, clinically proven results. However, I do not believe that organic skincare will give us any extra benefits comparing to non-organic.

Can I get your top three skincare rules?

Properly clean the skin but without stripping the moisture (avoid mineral oils and SLS), moisturise the skin and protect the skin with SPF 30.

And what about tips for a good skincare regime?

A good skincare regime should include proper cleansing which should be always gentle to avoid stripping the moisture, gentle exfoliation of the skin (I always like combination of enzymes and acids with mechanical exfoliation), mild toning with AHA (avoid glycolic as it easily irritates the skin and make it more prone to sun burn), moisturize the skin – first use a serum that delivers active ingredients and then follow with a cream. Pamper your skin with good skin renewal mask at least once per week.

During your Treatment Drop launch you spoke about the recent research showing the link between C-section births and the development of skin conditions. Would you be able to explain this further?

Recent findings show that babies born through natural delivery have less chances of getting atopic dermatitis or other dermatological diseases compared to those born via C section. This is because during the natural delivery the skin is colonised with good bacteria that protect the skin.

What can woman do to prevent the development of skin conditions in C-section babies?

Use a swab from the vagina taken before the birth and run the swap over the baby’s skin.

Are there any specific treatments you would recommend for small children and babies with skin conditions such as eczema and are there any new development in treatments that we should know about?

Good hygiene and moisturising the skin is essential.

And finally before you go, are there any beauty treatments or skincare ingredients we should avoid during pregnancy?

I would avoid retinoids and Botox entirely during pregnancy.

Zelens Treatment Drops retail at £115 are available this February from stockistnation wide

Photography by Logan Irvine-MacDougall.