Can Micro-Needling Make You Look Younger?


Had you told me a few years ago, that I would be freely putting myself forward for a RejuvaPen micro-needling treatment (yes, I'm talking multiple needles penetrating the skin on my face), I would have told you where to go.

Fast forward a few years, add in a toddler and too many sleepless nights to count, and I didn’t just willingly do it, I jumped at it!

So what exactly is RejuvaPen? RejuvaPen is a micro-needling device that creates microscopic ‘pin prick’ wounds in the skin to stimulate your body’s natural healing process and boost collagen production. The most powerful micro-needling system currently available, the RejuvaPen can be adjusted to work at different depths within your skin to give you a precise and individually tailored treatment.

Where is it available? I booked in with Aesthetics Lab, North London’s coolest new aesthetics clinic (right by Regents Park).


What does the treatment involve? Following a thorough cleanse, topical anaesthetic is applied and left for around 30 minutes to ensure your skin is sufficiently numb. Once numb the RejuvaPen glides across your face gently penetrating the skin, adjusting to different depths as and when required.

Expect immediate post treatment redness with a light burning sensation similar to sunburn, followed by two to three days of slightly drier, tighter, flakier skin.

Aesthetics Lab also offer the added option of a hyaluronic or vitamin C serum treatment before your RejuvaPen procedure, for increased hydration and rejuvenation benefits.

Is there any science behind it? Plenty. Micro-needling has been shown to increase collagen production, by causing trauma to the dermis. Its this increase in collagen that helps to plump out the skin and alleviate fine lines, wrinkles and scarring.

The antioxidant vitamin C serum has been proven to strengthen the skins natural barrier, improving skin firmness and elasticity while the hyaluronic serum boosts hydration. By applying topical serums on to the skin prior to micro-needling, they are able to penetrate the skin more deeply creating superior results.

What I say? Don’t’ be scared of the needles. By day five your skin is back to normal, by day ten it’s radiant! But  what I really, really love about the treatment is that the results just keep improving as the weeks go by.

Plumper, healthier looking skin and a visible reduction in fine lines without the use of injectables, the RejuvaPen is officially on my must have treatment list.

The RejuvaPen starts from £250  and is availble at the Aesthetics Lab, London.