#FitForFilm Your Personalised Workout Video

Imagine throwing out your latest celebrity workout DVD and replacing it with your very own personalized workout video? (I mean does anyone really want to take workout advice from some irate member of Geordie Shore?!) Well thanks to Celebrity Personal Trainer Peter Cobby we can.  

#FitForFilm is a brand new film-based personal trainer concept. Using his expert experience gained from years sculpting actors bodies for film roles (plus a couple of Olympians), Peter Cobby will create a truly bespoke training regime tailored to your particular strengths and weaknesses, to provide maximum results in minimum time. This bespoke regime will then be filmed by a top videographer to be used as reference for your at home training. Making you litterly the star of your very own workout video!

For those of us obsessed with Instagram, Peter will also provide you with a edited Instagram clip set to music, for easy upload to your social media account. A must for any #Fitspo.

Keen to pick his brains, I met up with Peter Cobby to put his training sessions to the test (the guy really knows his stuff, my muscles ached for days!) and get the low down on how us mums can get in the best shape of our lives.

Hi Peter,  So you're known for getting celebs in tip top shape.  If we civilians want to jump on the 'hot body band wagon', how many times a week should we be hitting the gym?

This depends largely on your end goal but at a minimum twice per week for maintenance. Any less and you’ll run the risk of training regression. Some of my clients, when preparing for a role or photo shoot, train up to 10 times a week. If you want consistent, long-term results though, aim for around 4 sessions of 45 minutes each.

Ok great, so if we get off our butts and exercise 4 times a week, how long will it take to see results?

While everybody is different and with varying reactions to exercise, you can expect from a good plan to be losing at least 1 pound per week. Any less than this and you’d want to review what you are doing. Any more you might consider if it is really going to last.

Do you have any 'Do's' & 'Don'ts' with fitness and nutrition?

Do’s:  Be consistent. The biggest mistake people make is thinking that they’ll get amazing results week after week. Weight control rarely moves in a straight line. Knowing that you are doing what’s right and healthy for your body is the most important factor

Don’ts:  Don’t beat yourself up for a slight mishap. I encourage clients to take one cheat meal a week so that they can get a little for the soul. Sporadically increasing the calories is also good for sparking the metabolism. Something competitive swimsuit models do before an event.

Amazing, so we can still indulge in treat meals/treat days?

In one word. Yes. Though more a treat meal once a week, as opposed to a day. Eating is a social thing. It’s great to watch what you eat, and stay healthy year round, but it’s also nice to share a meal with a friend.

How important is nutrition to achieving your fitness and body goals?

I’d say it is the most important factor. You can train all you like, but without a good meal plan to set yourself on track, progress will be a sluggish beast.

They say you make your abs in the kitchen. I agree.

Right got it, lay off the cake! Any tips on keeping up our motivation on those days when we just want to curl up on the sofa, eat chocolate and watch crap tv?

Motivation is a tricky thing. Our problems arise because we focus on how hard it will be, not how good it makes us feel. Even to this day I find it’s sometimes difficult to get started. I heard once that it takes only a few seconds of discomfort before you feel the benefits of moving. So the next time you’re feeling like you’d prefer to sit on the couch in front of a movie, tell yourself “I’ll just do this one exercise; then reward myself by (insert awesome reward here!)”. If you can start one, you’ll go right onto the next. By then you’ll be exercising and doing your workout. Remember to reward yourself afterward though.

What’s your opinion on supplements, do we really need them?

The only supplements I recommend are a good multi-vitamin, fish-oils, and protein powder if you can’t maintain a good quantity of protein from natural sources.

Aside from this, I believe you can get all of your nutrients from a good nutrition plan. If you are an elite athlete, then you may consider it. But for the rest of us mere mortals, a healthy meal should do the trick.

How about time off, we all need a break at times but is there a maximum amount of time we can take off exercise before we start to loose our hard earned results?

If you need a break from exercise, and this is something I recommend every now and again, you should aim for no more than 3 days. Any more than this and you run the risk of falling into one of the following scenarios:

You can’t get started again: starting is the hardest thing. Once you’re in a rhythm it’s much easier to keep going.

You begin to lose all your hard earned work: while it won’t happen immediately, results do start to deteriorate within a few days of non-training.

I like to use the bell curve though for a simple example. The longer you’ve been training, the longer your results will stay. If you’ve been going a few weeks, then you’ll lose the progress fairly quickly.

Thanks Peter thats great advice! Before you go, could I be cheeky and get a workout plan from you?

Perform each of the following circuits for a total of 5 minutes with a rest of 60 seconds between circuits. Repeat as many times as possible within the allotted time. Perform 2-3 full circuits of C1 & C2, depending on fitness levels.




Stationary Lunge


Bench Step ups


Hip Thrust



Jumping Jacks


Half Burpee


Sumo Squats


Kneeling Kickback


#FitForFilm packages start from £900 including:

  • 1 hour assessment

  • 2 hour long personal training session, with filming

  • 30 minute film to be used as a point for reference for personal training at home

  • 15 second clip which can be shared on social media

For those outside London - the consultation can be done via Skype and Peter plus the cameraperson will travel within the UK for filming.