Your Post Summer Skin Rehab


Autumn is with us again and while this change in season signals the grand finale to summer, our skin is still suffering from its hangover.

Often seen in the form of dry flaky skin, dark spots, uneven skin-tone and an unfortunate upsurge in fine lines and wrinkles, post summer skin can be the bitter ending to what was a sweet time in the sun. But don’t despair, all hope it not lost, with a little extra tender loving care your skin can be refreshed, renewed and revitalised.

We’ve listed 13 post summer skin saviours to shake off that summer skin hangover!

  1. HydraFirm by Exuviance. Providing an instant hydration boost from skins best friend hyaluronic acid, Hydrafirm works to target poor texture, loss of firmness and wrinkles.

  2. HydraQuench Intesive Serum Bi-Phase by Clarins. Rich in omega-3, inca peanut oil and hyaluronic acid this non greasy bi-phase serum helps to restore dehydrate skin, creating a more youthful appearance.

  3. Pigmentclar Serum by La Roche-Posay. La Roche-Posay’s highly concentrated anti-dark spot serum offers gentle surface exfoliation to quickly and efficiently unify skin-tone.

  4. Daily Reviving Concentrate by Kiehls. This new light weight daily serum by Kiehls with Ginger Root, Sunflower Oil and Tamanu Oil, revives and energises skin for a more radiant and youthful appearance.

  5. Ultimate Hydra Perfectio by Racinne. Korean brand Racine's powerful serum penetrates the deepest core of skin cells to attack dark spots and promote the natural regeneration of collagen for smoother, firmer more glowing skin.

  6. Revitalising Mask by Dr.Hauschka. A soothing revitalising mask with quince seed, anthyllis and chamomile extracts, offering deep renewal for blemished or sun damaged skin.

  7. Brightening Cream by Eve Lom. Correct pigmentation and boost luminosity with Eve Lom's innovative hydra cream containing Dermapep, anti-oxidant actives and Rose Otto Oil.

  8. Turnaround Overnight by Clinique. Clinique’s revitalising moisturiser works overnight to gently clear away dull skin and sun damage, so you wake fresh faced and glowing.

  9. Perfectif Even Skin Tone Serum by Revive. A highly intensive serum that quickly penetrates the skins surface to reduce the appearance of dark spots and deliver a brighter, more even-toned complexion.

  10. Drink Up by Origins. The quick fix mask for thirsty skin. With Algea Extracts to rehydrate and apricot kernel oils to exfoliate.

  11. Detox Serum Antioxidant +3 by Grown Alchemist. Light weight, oil free and certified organic this daily serum not only detoxifies the skin of Oxygen free radical but Carbon and Nitrogen free radicals.

  12. Tranquillity Ultra Smoothing Cream by Cloud 9 Skin Solutions. Nominated for the 2014 Pure Beauty awards, Cloud 9’s unique combination of Vitamin B12 and Avocado oil, is ideal for relieving extreme dryness and inflammation while encouraging healthy skin regeneration. Interesting fact; It’s the vitamin B12 in Tranquilities solution that creates it’s bright pink colouring.

  13. Mid Day Essence by SK-II. This brilliant on-the-go skincare penetrates through your makeup to lock in moisture and combat skin oxidative damage caused pollution and UV rays.