Can Biodermogenesi Banish Cellulite?


Cellulite & stretch marks affects 90% of all women and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably part of the club.

Although I want to embrace my imperfections (I’m all aboard the body positivity train), when the newly opened Fusion GT London clinic offered me the opportunity to try out their unique treatment, Biodermogenesi, I didn’t hesitate to reply with an outstanding yes!

Biodermogenesi is a non-invasive method that regenerates the skin working against cellulite and stretchmarks to help tone and firm the body. Using an electromagnetic field combined with electrostimulation and a vacuum, it works by reorganising the structure of our skin increasing collagen and hydration, normalising pH and reducing inflammation. Sounds sciency, right? It is!


Standing in the clinic in my underwear my aesthetician photographed by bum and legs. I am yet to suffer from stretch marks but cellulite is my jam (and I wish it wasn’t). I felt self conscious under the quite unforgiving treatment room’s lights and even more so when I was shown the rather unflattering photos. Lying face down on the treatment bed a vacuum-like machine was applied to my bum and thighs (my problem area). There was no pain, no heat, no cold, just a sucking sensation that was actually quite enjoyable and felt more like a new-fangled massage. In actual fact what was happening was cellular detoxification and lymphatic drainage.

The treatment took around 45 minutes and afterwards we took more photos. I must admit I felt lighter and the skin on my legs and bum certainly felt tighter. Looking at the “after” photos I couldn’t see a whole lot of difference but the sensation of feeling lighter and tighter made me feel good. I left the clinic wondering if it had worked at all, or if it was just in my head. My aesthetician explained that usually they recommend 6 treatments over 6 weeks which can be repeated every 6 months for the full effect. As I was reviewing the treatment I could only get in a couple of sessions.

After the next session we repeated the same format. To be brutally honest, taking the photos and looking at them before and after was having more of a negative effect on my insecurities. I knew it was part of the package to analyse the affects and to see any change but looking at the pictures of my dimpled skin under the bright clinic lights didn’t fill me with confidence. My aesthetician was wonderful though, and she assured me that my skin was in no way worse than anybody else she had seen and in fact I was lucky to hardly suffer from any skin dimpling at all (bless her).

After a couple of sessions of this treatment I certainly felt like it was tightening the skin and that the lymphatic drainage was working, had I done the full 6 (as recommended) I may have seen an even bigger difference.

Biodermogenesi has been scientifically studied by universities across the globe and has been proven to be the first real solution to stretch marks with an outstanding 83% positive result in softening the feel and reducing their colour to normal. Perhaps if you are a mother who has experienced stretch marks through pregnancy and you want to reduce them, then this might be the treatment for you, it’s also pain-free with no downtime and that’s always a winner in my books.

A course of 6 sessions of Biodermogenesi is £2,300, to find out more visit: