VERSO Facial Masks: Your New Beauty Hero


One of the joys of working in the beauty industry is getting to test out a huge range of beauty products (I know, stating the obvious here). Yet if truth be told, most of the products out there don’t do a whole lot.

Which is why we (and you may have noticed) keep going back to a few key brands that we know I can rely on to produce to the goods. There are occasions however, when I stumble across a new range of product that really deserves shouting about. 

Step up VERSO Skincare and your brilliant new range of facemasks. Known for their signature ‘Retinol 8 Complex’ (a complex that is eight times more effective than typical Retinol in the same dosage, for the collagen-boosting, wrinkle-plumping, skin-rejuvenating benefits of vitamin A, without the iritation) VERSO’s latest range of products are quickly becoming my ‘beauty hero’.


Designed to be used once or twice a week for 20 minutes VERSO’s Facial Mask are one of the few at home mask that actually produce professional looking results, equaling if not bettering some in-salon facials. Comprising of three different hydro gel mask; the “Intense Facial Mask” a fast-acting, anti-ageing treatment, the “Reviving Eye Mask” ideal for sleep deprived peepers, and the “Deep Hydration Mask” aka S.O.S for parched Skin, these innovative face masks not only instantly revive your skin but produce long term skincare benefits. .


My ultimate favourite face mask has to the “Intense Facial Mask”. Rich in VERSO'S reparative Retinol 8, this hydrogel mask delivers a supercharged dose of their collagen-stimulating ingredient to kick-start cellular regeneration and repair. Results are instantaneous and after just 20 minutes skin is smoother, plumper and firmer with a visible reduction in fine lines and a fresh dewy glow. Whats more results can last of up to 30 hours (ideal during wedding season when you want to look fresh all weekend long),  and when used regularly will help maintain that gorgeous youthful plumpness and luminous complexion. I'm in love!

Price start at £40 for a pack of 4 “Reviving Eye Masks” and go up to £60 for the “Intense Facial Masks” and "Deep Hydration Masks”.