SPA BY CAR: The Mobile Beauty & Spa Service


With two little boys under the age of 4, finding the time (or a wiling baby sitter for that matter) to indulge in my ever so essential beauty treatments is no easy task.

Thankfully, unlike my mother, I didn’t have my babies in the 80’s and these days the Spa can come to me, meaning I no longer have to look like I’ve been dragged through a bush (although with my boys, I probably have!).

Spa by Car is one of the latest mobile beauty and spa services coming to the rescue of time poor mums like myself. Offering over 50 different treatments from pregnancy massage to glyco peels, Algi mud wraps to anti-wrinkle injections, not to mention their brilliant range of Mummy & Me Spa treatments, Spa by Car and their highly qualified team of therapists haven’t missed a trick.

I put Spa by Car’s services to the test this summer, when at 9 months pregnant and feeling not to dissimilar to a beached whale (no joke, you should have seen me trying to get off the sofa!), I was in desperate need of a feel good treatment.

Opting for their Lash Perfect Lash Extension treatment, my lovely therapist worked fastidiously away applying individual lashes to my lash line, while I, in full beached whale mode lay back in my deck chair snoozing away, only waking to the startling sound of my own snores! (You’ve got to love the glamour of pregnancy.)

 Spa by Car

Spa by Car

Ninety minutes later and feeling wonderfully refreshed, I possess two beautiful sets of long, naturally sexy eye lashes. My gorgeous falsies remained in their full glory for around two weeks before individuals lashes begin to fall out and alas I was left with my own natural, rather less impressive pair. Sob Sob.

With prices starting from £75 for a half set and £100, Lash Perfect Lash Extensions may be a little pricey compared to other lash treatments but if you’re looking for the perfect pre-party treat this festive season, look no further.

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